My 2016 new finds, old faves & highlights

Yeah yeah, I know 2016 is rapidly becoming a distant memory for most of us but before it completely disappears from our thoughts, I wanted to go through some of the things I loved last year, some are new finds & some are old faves. I wanted to add in some highlights from 2016 that I failed to mention in one of my last blog posts – 2016 ~ Worst & Best

I’m very much a visual person, so this post is going to be mainly in photos but I’ll be adding links that contain everything I’ll mention for you to have a nosy through.

In no particular order, here we go –

Toiletries etc –

In 2016 I had a new love for the bath bomb, the others I feel are definitely old faves. The Wilko hand wash really does smell like rhubarb & custard & that So…? For Me body spray – OH MY WORD!!!

Here’s a few posts for you to check out with either my thoughts about the products or their website –

My Winter Scent ~ You’ve seen it before!

*I love to love these things* ~ Part 2

*I love to love these things ~ Part 3

Beauty –

I really enjoyed wearing a dark lip for the 1st time in 2016, I was always to worried I was too old to wear a dark bold lip colour but now, I don’t care, I really enjoy wearing it! I fell in love with that nail colour the 1st time I wore it & I’ve decided that I’m going to wear nail varnish more often. I only found the lip gloss in December 2016 but I’ve worn it lots since then.

Here’s a few posts for you to check out with either my thoughts about the products or their website –

I like all 4 but this one’s my favourite!

What I thought of my December 2016 Birchbox & freebie.

Blogtober ~ Halloween Fun

Yum Yums –

I feel like 2016 was a good year for finding new flavours & food/drink for me.

If you’re lactose intolerant like me, you’ll know just how frustrating it is when you want something but can’t cause it contains milk products or when they don’t contain milk products, they contain a soya product which I’m trying to stay away from because  it’s reported that soya can interrupt your hormone function & that’s the last thing I need! I finally found a lactose free custard that doesn’t contain soya. Yay! I found a new love for porridge & I love coconut yoghurt with berries, granola & honey. I also found some new glorious flavoured coffees in 2016 – a brand called LITTLES make some amazing flavoured coffee, the chocolate orange one is amazing. For Christmas, I got us both a Jelly Belly bean advent calendar & loved it (everyday a different flavour, nom nom). I fell in love with fruit smoothies in the warmer months & that’s one of the reasons I can’t wait for spring & summer. Tea pigs Winter Spiced tea is deliciously Christmassy. I love any excuse for a BBQ but I much prefer the coal cooked method, definitely my best way to cook – well, eat food! Hehe. I don’t actually do the cooking on the BBQ, Richard does that. I tried tacos (well, soft tacos) for the 1st time in 2016 too & enjoyed them.

Here’s a few posts for you to check out with either my thoughts about the products or their website –

A taste for a Smoothie………….Berries go Bananas

An amazing breakkie for the colder months

Blogtober ~ Week 4

Blogmas ~ Our advent calendars

Blogmas ~ Week 1

Littles Flavoured Coffee

Fun Stuff –

I absolutely love Yankee candles. Last year was the 1st time me & Richard did pumpkin carving together, we had a right laugh! Hehe. Loved the photo booth we had for our works dept. christmas party. I’m loving the new book Richard got me for christmas. I loved doing the Disney advent calendar for Richard, I wrote a little note in each day, some were notes of love & some were activities.

Here’s a few posts for you to check out with either my thoughts about the products or their website –

The Little Book Of Hygge: The Danish Way To Live Well

Blogmas advent calendar link is above.

Yankee Candles

Blogtober ~ Halloween Fun

These made my life so much easier in 2016 –

The aloe heat lotion is amazing for aches & pains, honestly, it isn’t just another fad product, it genuinely works wonders, obviously, it’s not going to cure your arthritis but it’ll definitely ease the pain you’re in. I went to a festival in August & burnt my face a little & my lips (which I’ve never done before), the aqueous cream & aloe lips were amazing for my sunburn! Burt’s bees lip balm is my new fave lip balm (however, not the best to have in hotter sun than you’re used to). My new phone, wow, where do I start with this one?? My old phone, which was an older version of the Huawei was soooooo bad by the time I’d got my new one, I wanted to smash the old one! Hehe. (I still need to do a full review on my new phone but trust me, it’s amazing). We use our food warmer for every party, BBQ, gathering, family lunch or dinner we have, it’s saved my life so many times because I’m so rubbish when it comes to cooking timings!

Here’s a few posts for you to check out with a little more info about the products –

Still loving Aloe Heat Lotion

Aqueous Cream

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – Vit E & Peppermint

Blogtober ~ Week 4 is when I got my phone – linked above. A website for you – The Huawei P9

I really need sunburn relief right now

Our christmas day lunch – Food Warmer from Ebay

Things that made me smile –

I loved our christmas tree last year, it was our best yet in my opinion, although Richard missed the tinsel! The santa mugs were a pressie from a friend at work for me & Richard. The basket with the Yankee products in was a pressie from my best friend for me & now I use the basket for all my Yankee stuff! “My” tree is on campus, I see it every day on my way to work & I love seeing it change through the seasons – my Blogtober posts see it change throughout the whole of October.

A little note – you know, I was convinced that 2016 had been a really bad year but actually, I don’t think it was all that bad, I started this blog in February 2016 & doing this blog has enabled me to look back on the year with much more positivity & with a smile.

I hope you had an amazing 2016.

Bye for now.


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