A taste for a Smoothie – Berries go Bananas

Hey lovelies,

Over the last few of months, I’ve developed a taste for homemade smoothies & I’ve made a few but I always seem to make the same flavours, I’m in the process of trying to find my all time favourite flavour combination but haven’t yet found one that blows my mind!!!

Here’s my latest flavour combination……………….

I do love my poppy glasses

I’m calling it Berries go Bananas cause it looks so much like a berry smoothie but tastes more like bananas but it still tastes fab!

Here’s what I mixed together………….

2 bananas

2 tbls natural coconut yoghurt

3 handfuls of mixed summer berries

2 tbls of chia seeds

8 fl oz orange juice (NOT squash or anything fizzy)

Here’s what I did……………..


Bananas 1st, I just broke them into mouthful size pieces & added them to a food blender.


Berries added next, I used frozen berries a little thawed.

I actually only noticed the pic for the 1st time on Saturday! Hehe.

Then comes the yoghurt, now then, I’m not strict about the measure of this, I just use a table-spoon & take 2 scoops out of the pot & dollop them into the blender.


Lastly, I add the chia seeds to the blender, these I do use a measuring spoon for.


When all the ingredients are added, I 1st blend them together on a low-speed for a few seconds & then I turn the speed up a little, until all the ingredients are fully mixed together.

The end result should look something like this………………..


I do enjoy a good smoothie & making them at home means I know exactly what goes into them.


I always like to make enough for 2 servings & I sometimes take the other serving to work with me!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………………yum yummy yum.

I’m still on the hunt for my ultimate smoothie flavour combination but this one’s still a good one. If any of you have a homemade smoothie flavour combination that you love, I’d love to hear it.

Bye for now.

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