Still loving Aloe Heat Lotion

Hello my lovelies,

Back in March, I was given a product to review & I was really glad I did, it really surprised me how good it was, I’ll add it in so you can go have a read – Do you suffer with body pain??? Try this………………, if you suffer with body pain, you’ll be glad you did.

Recently I’ve been, suffering with back pain, I was talking to someone at work & they said it sounds a bit like sciatica, I know someone who suffers with that & I don’t feel like I was in THAT much pain! Anyway, my point is that I used the aloe heat lotion on it & the pain eased off.

Using the Aloe Heat Lotion combined with massage motions works wonders on my pain!

What someone else thinks –

Not everyone likes it, which is obvious, we won’t all like the same stuff (how boring would that be??). One of the youtubers I watch did a review on Forever Living Products, she 1st tried some of the products as a sample, the aloe heat lotion being one of them, she didn’t like the aloe heat lotion sample (I don’t recall a reason), she was sent a full size one to try (along with a box full of stuff), she didn’t even use the full size one but her fella did, he didn’t like it either, he said that when he put it on, he thought it was to hot on the skin & they both said it smelt too much like deep heat.

My reaction to her review –

Now then, here’s my issue with her review, I feel that she didn’t give a proper review & here’s my reasons why…………..when I 1st used it, the smell was so strong, I really wasn’t impressed & it was indeed really warm on the skin, I wouldn’t at all say that it was hot but it was indeed rather warm, I feel that if I’d bought it myself, I would have put it somewhere & just forgot about it, not wanting to suffer that again but because I was given it to do a review on, I wanted to give it a fair shot & just one or two uses IS NOT a fair shot! I have since learnt that I used WAAAAAAAAY too much product the 1st time I used it & in fact if you use the product properly & not use too much, it really does get to th pain, it’s weird but it’s almost like it lifts my pain away from the inside, I feel the lotion heating up on the inside, I don’t know how else to describe it, it’s so strange because (on me) it heats up on the inside but doesn’t heat up on my skin & the smell doesn’t even bother me that much anymore……………..REMEBER – don’t use too much!! Hehe.

Here’s their FB page –

Forever Living UK Facebook Page.

Here’s the FB page for the person who gave me the Aloe Heat Lotion to review –

Forever Endeavour, she’s a funny, down to earth woman, with a sarcastic sense of humour, who would tell you how it is & if you told her you needed something for something, she’d give you a true suggestion for it – meaning, she wouldn’t sell you something for the sake of selling it, unless of course YOU ask for it! Take a trip over to her FB page & say hi. Take a look around, you may just find something you never knew you needed!

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Love Sarah Mx

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