*I love to love these things* ~ Part 2

This post is about the products that benefit my senses, my skin & my soul.

My favourite deodorants are these Dove products – Dove go fresh antiperspirants and Dove fresh roll on, I particularly love this fragrance. They provide me with all day long protection & coming from a woman who sweats more than is needed, that is a life saver! He he.

I absolutely love Pandora jewellery , they have so many adorable pieces, you really can show off your personality through your jewellery with the range and they have so many different types of pieces for you to choose from, ranging from gold to wood but my favourite pieces are from the silver range.

I can’t survive without face cream and the ones I’m using at the moment are from the garnier miracle range, along with S&G eye cream and simple eye cream. The verdict is still out on these products! I’m guilty of using face wipes a lot more than I use cleanser on my face (old habits die hard) and the ones I’m using at the moment are simple micellar cleansing wipes.

Those of you who read my blog post about my nail products will know why I love these OPI products………….

OPI ~ 2

…………….if you’ve not yet read it, then here you go – Nailed It! go & check it out. I literally can’t live without hand cream & the one I’m using right now is S&G hand food & I use the S&G hand cleansing gel when I finish work.

The following products are my current bath/shower product faves, I love the way this bath bomb smells & feels on the skin, I bought it from Holland & Barrett, I also love to watch it fizzing away in the water – I’m so easily pleased! Lol. The S&G products I’m using are the clean on me shower cream & the scrub of your life, both of which are amazing for my senses.

If you use any of these products or have a try of any of them, I’d love to hear how you feel about them.

I do have a question for you though – do you think it’s necessary for us to use the same branded products for every step of our skin care routines or is it ok to mix & match different brands within our skin care routines?? I’d love hear your views!

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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