Blogtober ~ Week 4

I can’t believe it’s the last week of Blogtober already, I can’t believe how fast October has gone! Soon be christmas!!!

Monday the 24th –

Didn’t do anything yesterday – a rather boring Sunday. No tree pic today because I took a different route to work today – had to pick up some keys.

Tuesday the 25th –

I did take a pic of my tree this morning but I had to use my phone because I forgot my camera (my phone is dud)!

Here’s this weeks tree pic…………………..

Because this weeks pic was took on my phone, it cut the bottom off.

I’m really surprised how much the leaves have fallen off over the last week!

I took the day off a blog post, it’s weird but I feel just as weird taking a Tuesday off doing a blog post as I do taking a day off work! Hehe.

Today is mine & Richards 5th year anniversary. I never thought that on October 25th 2011, I’d meet the man who would turn out to be my soulmate – my other silly half, who thought that one person could have 2 silly halves?! Hehe. I met him at a time when I wasn’t looking for him & actually, didn’t want him, I just wanted some attention & some fun. Turns out he was right all along – he used to say “we’ll be together forever”, I used to wonder why him saying that didn’t worry me & have me running for the hills – it all made sense in the end! Hehe.

Our 1st christmas together in 2011
In the grounds of Coombe Abbey when a few of us went for my 40th birthday earlier this year.

Here’s a link for our visit to Coombe Abbey this year – A weekend in history for my 40th

To my darling Richard

You are my soulmate, my other half. You make me laugh every day, even when I don’t want to. This year’s been so hard on us & yet we survived it. I’m so glad you decided to message me (we met on Plenty Of Fish) on that fateful day back in 2011. A lot has happened over the last 5 years, some bad but a hell of a lot of good & I’m so thankful you shared it with me.

I’ll love you forever.

Me Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday the 26th –

Today was stocktake at work & a delivery driver that took being asked to do something 3 times & even then, when he done it, just decided to abandon stock outside the building!

I went round my mums tonight, one of my brothers was round there with his dog, she’s a new addition to his household but wowsa, she jumps up you so much. One of my nieces came round with one of her daughters while I was there, one of my sisters nipped in but didn’t stay very long. I received my 1st 2016 christmas deckie whilst I was there – My 1st 2016 Christmas deckie and I love it.

Thursday the 27th –

The police contacted Richard today about my moped that was stolen a few months ago, I was planning on selling it for spare or repair, a part of me was relieved when it had been stolen & only reported it for the DVLA purposes, I never thought they’d find it! I’ve asked them to scrap it!

Friday the 28th –

Don’t you just lurve Fridays??? It’s such a shame we only get 1 a week!!!

Tonight we had a takeaway & sat watching TV with a glass of vino.

Saturday the 29th –

Today me & Richard went into town, with the aim of getting me a new phone & do a bit of shopping……………………………..we did BOTH!!! Yaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve needed a new phone for as long as I can remember, as well as using my phone for the everyday normal stuff, I also use my phone for work & blogging so I have 4 things on it for work alone – email, one drive, excel & word & I’d be lost at work without any of them. For my blogging, I use WordPress, one note & keep (another notes taking app), although, to be fair, I use both note apps for other things as well as blogging. The phone I had, although, easy to use & good for the things I could use on it (most of the time), the camera was ok but the front camera was rubbish & it only had 8gb memory (USELESS), at this time & with all the big work & blogging apps I was using, it could only store 1 game & every time I had to update the big ones, I’d have to delete the little ones to create more room until I was literally just using my email, facebook, WordPress, one note, excel, word, keep, google music – I needed this to listen to music everyday on my way to work (I would’ve deleted Facebook before deleting google music) & sudoku.

Here’s the new phone I got……………………

My new Huawei P9, with a dual camera & 32GB of memory.

It also came with new earphones, I’ve got 2 pairs & neither of them work properly!!! Huray for new earphones, a very happy bunny I am today indeed!

My new phone was bought with my birthday money I got this year & an early christmas pressie off Richard.

When we got home from town, I played with me new phone (derrrr, of course), later dad came round baring gifts, he was getting rid of old halloween deckies that was clogging up their house…………………………

Halloween deckies. The trick or treat sign was already mine.

I also bought a new dark lipstick…………………….

Soap & Glory, Sexy Mother Pucker in Wine Not – Satin (not sure I like the camera filter I used??)

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to mention, we did some food shopping in town (Tesco) & I found this…………………

Lactose Free Custard.

It’s runnier than normal custard when heated but tastes nice, tastes a lot like custard & for saying it’s lactose, milk & soya free……………………..yes please! I might try it cold on chopped banana………….mmmmmmmmm…………….nom nom nom! Hehe.

Well, that’s it, the end of Blogtober, I hope you’ve had an amazing October & I hope you have an equally amazing Halloween (whatever you’re doing). Stay safe & trick responsibly.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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