Why you should visit Bistro Live in Leicester

Morning my lovelies. I hope you’re all having an amazing 2017 so far.

Last year in November, me, a few of my family members, my sister-in-law, her family & friends went to Bistro Live in Leicester for her hen party –

It cost us £44.95 each, which I thought was very expensive for a meal out, which is pretty much what I was expecting, I have been before but it was many years ago, I do remember having a good night but I don’t remember it being as good as it actually is!

For our money, we got a 3 course dinner –

I can’t believe that I forgot to take a pic of my starter. The food was amazing & I loved the vegan ice cream, it made such a nice change to not be given a fruit salad because I’m lactose intolerant! The little trio of puds looked so cute.

The staff went round offering out shots for those who were so inclined. The staff was so helpful, they couldn’t do enough for you, my sister drinks the same drink all night & one member of staff soon learnt that & as soon as my sisters glass was empty, she was there to see if a refill was required. Later in the night, the staff were allowed to join in, dancing on the tables & they even had routines to songs that were played & was teaching us all the moves! –


We also had a live band & then a dj. There were loads of dancing on tables (I for one did not get up on the tables, I was to worried about falling off! Hehe) –

We had an amazing night & I definitely do indeed think that £44.95 was worth it, for a whole night under one roof, amazing food, fab dancing music & an atmosphere that was unbelievably welcoming, relaxing & so much fun.

Just a couple of pics from the evening of me with my sister & niece.

I truly recommend you go & visit Leicester Bistro Live if you can.

Bye for now.


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