My Winter Scent ~ You’ve seen it before!

When I use this product, it makes me smile & reminds me of EVERYTHING I love about Winter.

It always reminds me of all the fun that Winter brings for me –

  • It’s CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!! Seeing all the christmas lights in town, on houses & seeing how people have decorated their homes.
  • Mince pies & mulled wine.
  • Christmas parties & seasonal gatherings.
  • Snuggle nights & cosyness!
  • The start of a new year.

The treat my senses go through during Winter…………….cinnamon, gingerbread coffee, peppermint, cloves & orange, freshly baked mince pies. There’s a certain smell in the air & the lights at Christmas time are truly magical!

It’s a time of year for me & Richard to be planning for the year ahead & to decide what, where (allotment or garden) & when needs planting, along with other stuff – 2017 is going to be an exciting year!

You’re probably wondering what the product is by now.

Here it is – My Autumn Scent, (funny enough, it’s the same one as Autumn), I just love it so much.

I really hope that some of you give this a try.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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