An amazing breakkie for the colder months………………….

I love porridge in the colder months, although, to be fair, I love porridge any time of the year but more so when it’s colder! I do mine in the microwave for quickness, although, I do think they taste somewhat better done on the stove.

This is how I make mine………….

You’ll need –


Bowl & a spoon

Measuring spoon

Measuring jug


Ingredients –

40g porridge oats (I use quaker oats)

300ml milk (I use lactofree because I’m lactose intolerant)

1sp vanilla extract

1 handful of any mixed fruit you like (I love red berries with porridge)

Honey to drizzle on top (the amount is completely personal preference)

Ground cinnamon to sprinkle on top (again, amount is personal preference)

I find that getting everything I need together before I start makes things easier & I always put them away as I use them, that way, I know what I’ve used & what’s left to go in.
I find that when I use fresh fruit, I need to wash them 1st & let them drain while I do everything else.
Measure out the 300ml milk.
I find that stirring the vanilla extract into the milk before adding it to the porridge oats makes things a little easier.

Then stir the milk & vanilla mixture into the oats & put into the microwave for 3 to 4 minutes (depending on your microwave), stir halfway through.

Once the porridge has finished cooking, add your choice of fruit & drizzle with honey. To finish off, sprinkle on some cinnamon.
This seriously is my favourite Autumn/Winter warmer & I don’t just have it for breakfast.

Honestly, the mixture of these flavours & textures are amazing, you’ve got the creamy goodness of the porridge mixed with the juicy (sometimes tartness) of the berries, accompanied by the sweetie goodness of the honey & then you also get the kick from the cinnamon……….mmmmmmmmm……………..delish!

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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