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My Spring bucket list

Morning my lovelies.

Welcome Spring

Spring has Sprung & it’s time to start thinking about what to do as the months begin to get warmer.

Spring has sprung

Making a bucket list is a way for me to make a note of the memories I want to create in the passing seasons. They can be as cheap or expensive as you want them to be & some things you can even do for free!

My Winter bucket list was a complete fail, that’s what I get for not referring to it over the Winter months! Winter was a busy season! Spring will be different, it’s going to be even more busy but with activities that I’m putting on my bucket list.

My Spring bucket list –

  • Celebrate my mother on mothers day
  • Get our seeds planted
  • Help Richard sort out our garden & get some veg/fruit etc planted
  • Have our 1st BBQ of the year
  • Have our 1st picnic of the year
  • Celebrate my birthday with family & friends – Yay!
  • Go out on a date with Richard
  • Watch the stars
  • Have dinner in the back garden
  • Get our bicycles on the road & go for a bike ride
  • Visit a pick your own farm with my niece & her kiddlies & grab myself some fresh juicy ripe berries
  • Make my own granola (from scratch)
  • Welcome the Spring air into my home
  • Go for a walk around my estate with my camera
  • Do some reading outside
  • Try our local butchers for some good quality meat
  • Try 1 or 2 new Spring inspired recipes
  • Have a lunch date with a family member
  • Have a lunch date with a friend
  • Do a car boot
  • Help organise our Ataxia UK summer fete
  • Have a dabble in minimising my space
  • Host a girls night
  • Host our 1st games night of the year
  • Be a tourist in my own town
  • Buy some flowers to have in the house
  • Have breakfast outside (preferably with Richard)
  • Visit our local nature attractions – Beacon Hill, Bradgate Park & The Outwoods
  • Host an afternoon tea party
  • Celebrate my dads birthday
  • Enjoy my 1st smoothie of the year – here’s my favourite recipe – A taste for a Smooth – Berries go Bananas
  • Try some new smoothie recipes
  • Establish an exercise routine
  • Try out some natural vegan make-up &/or toiletries

I don’t expect to cross everything off my list, all I want is to make some amazing memories.

I hope you’re looking forward to spring, I’m expecting a busy one this year!

Bye for now.

Spring signature 1

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My top 9 things to do this weekend that’s not expensive & won’t take excessive planning

Hey lovelies,


Everyone loves to spend time with people they love & who make them feel good & appreciated but we can’t always think of fun things to do, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming when it comes to planning.


Picnic –

I can imagine that going outside for a picnic is the last thing on your mind but bear with me. Imagine being with people or even just 1 person whom you love & that brings you joy, makes you laugh & feel special, now just grab some pre-prepared items & take yourselves off to your favourite cheap or free nature filled location (mine would be Beacon Hill, Bradgate Park, a kids park [with the kids obviously] or even just an empty field) to enjoy the fresh air & company. Each person to make a dish to take on the picnic. Fill your cars (car share where possible) with loved ones, blankets & making sure that everyone is properly wrapped up, it’s better to go wearing too many layers than not enough!

An easy picnic idea –

Pasta, tuna, sweetcorn & sauce/dressing of choice – bam – pasta salad, the pasta possibilities are cheap & endless.

Morning picnic idea –

Again, fill your cars (again, car share where possible) with loved ones, blankets & making sure that everyone is properly wrapped up, it’s better to go wearing too many layers than not enough. Take flasks of hot tea/coffee/hot chocolate (whatever your morning tipple), some breakfast items (see below for some ideas) & go up to the highest cheap or even free nature peak in your area (mine would be Beacon Hill) enjoy the sunrise. With it being Winter in the Uk, the sun rises later at this time of year & it doesn’t mean getting up at the crack of dawn! Also, if everyone brings a dish, it’d be even easier.

Breakfast picnic ideas –

  • Overnight oats – made a day or two before & can be topped with whatever you want.
  • Freshly made hot porridge put into food flasks, don’t forget to pack toppings.
  • Pancakes – they don’t have to be eaten hot & you can have savoury or sweet toppings. Some recipes can even be made ahead & put in the freezer, just remember to take them out of the freezer a day or two before.
  • Bacon butties wrapped up in foil & put in an insulated bag (don’t forget the sauce).
  • Plain & simple cereal – you can carry them in a lidded container & milk/yoghurt can be transported in anything that’s safely sealed, no-one wants to worry about spilt milk & it doesn’t need to be put into a flask – let’s face it, over here it’s cold enough to not worry about the milk warming up!
  • Breakfast muffins – can be made up to 2 days before.

I don’t know why but I think there’s something romantic about sitting up Beacon Hill watching the sunrise with people I love, listening to child chatter & eating a hot bowl of porridge & just think of the pics you’d get, let alone the memories you’re making.

Games night –

There’s not many people who don’t love a board game. Just remember that depending on the chosen game will depend on the duration of the fun, for example – a game of Cluedo, doesn’t take that long at all & a game of Payday will not take much longer than that (depending on how many months you choose to play) but Monopoly on the other hand, will give you hours of fun. If Monopoly is your game of choice, you might want to start it in the early afternoon (around 3pm) to give everyone a chance to enjoy it without worrying about the time! It doesn’t have to be a board game, I just chose that because that’s what me & Richard play when we have a games night.

Food ideas –

  • Everyone brings along a snack, unless of course, you’re playing Monopoly cause then you’ll likely need a 5 course banquet to keep you going for the length of time it takes to play it (hehe).

The snack options could be –

  • Crisps & dips
  • Mixed nuts & fruit
  • A few different cheeses & a few packets of crackers or a mixed box of crackers – HURAY – we have a cheese board. It’s not long after the festive season & I know we still have crackers in our cupboard. Perfect for the more sophisticated palate like mine (as if, that made me giggle), seriously though, who don’t like a cheese board (unless you have severe allergies to dairy, luckily, I can still have extra mature cheddar & any dairy free cheese).
  • Crudités & dips

Family night –

Everyone take a dish (easy & cheap).

No TV, just company, laughs, chattin & maybe some good home cooked wholesome food

Food ideas –

A few of us go round to visit my mum & dad on a Wednesday evening & I sometimes take round a homemade chicken stew.

The food choices could be anything your heart desires –

  • What about that mince you have in your freezer & it could be any mince (I tend to use pork), you could mix that with some herbs, tinned tomatoes, passata, chopped onion & mushrooms & add it to some cooked pasta (mmmmmm). Someone could even bring the garlic bread if you all fancy that with it.
  • Homemade soup – chuck lots of veg into a pan with stock of your own choosing, maybe even add in some mixed herbs or thyme & some pearl barley, cook until soft & tender, then either leave it chunky or blend it down with a hand blender.

You could even meet up round a members house for breakfast, again, everyone chip in a dish to nom, nom, nom.

Film night –

Cheesy chick flicks, a soppy romance, horror spoofs (or horrors, if you’re that way inclined – I’m DEFINITELY NOT!), a comedy (who don’t love a film with Jim Carey in it??) or, for something different & depending on the company, how about a period drama (& I don’t mean Call The Midwife, that’s NOT a period drama – still can’t believe they won that category!) like Poldark, Pride & Prejudice or Sense & Sensibility (I swear I once lived in one of those eras!). You could even make this a fortnight or monthly thing & pick a box set to go through, watching 1 or 2 a night, or 3 if you have time & the inclination (pick a few & have a vote) – the box sets I own are – Harry Potter, Twilight (either would get my vote), there’s also Gavin & Stacey, Royal Family, Two Pints of Lager & a Packet of Crisps, The Big Bang Theory, Soldier Soldier, Lord of the Rings, Vicar of Dibley, Lion King, The Omen. I’m sure I’ve got more but I think that’s enough to give you an idea.

An easy film night snacks idea –

If there are kiddies with you, they’ll love this – Popcorn, chocolate powder, marshmallows, cream (optional) & milk of choice – perfect choice for a films night & if you get the proper popcorn & make it yourself on the stove the kiddies will love listening to it popping & it’ll fill your house with gorgeous aromas of freshly popped popcorn………….mmmmmmmmmmm………..nom nom nom!

Girls night –

How about a night with the girls?? When that phrase is 1st heard, we tend to think of pubs, music, dancing, alcohol, late nights followed by hangovers but that’s not what I’m meaning here, I’m still talking laughs, girlie chatter, catch ups, alcohol can still be had but you don’t need to give yourself a hangover the next day! Plus, who says you have to go out to enjoy good music & dancing, you have a radio/cd player/docking station etc, music channels on the TV, not to mention the internet to put on some tunes & shake your booty to. Just BE there, enjoy your best girl pal/s & have a laugh.

Food ideas –

You could have a takeaway, every one buys a dish & you could all try a bit of each dish. You could even all chip in some pennies to get a few drinks for the group.

Pamper session –

Ideas –

  • Fill the air with relaxing music or even nature sounds
  • Make a homemade face mask
  • Each person offers to do one task, i.e. one person does the facials/facemasks, one person does the foot soaks/foot rubs etc, one person dishes out a massage. The idea is that no-one has to give themselves a pamper, just make sure that no-one gets left out! There’s always someone that’ll have a foot phobia & they will be more than happy to do anything but feet & won’t mind doing their own feet (that’ll be me. Hehe). Whichever task you do, make sure you provide everything you need.

You could give yourself a pamper session (facial, facemask, foot soak, hot bubble bath either with a good book or candles listening to some nature sounds or relaxing music).

Food ideas –

I definitely think something clean & healthy to go with this theme, like, salad, crudités & dip, quinoa salad, pasta salad, rice dishes but NO cream sauces!

You can even incorporate the girls night & the films night together, spending time with your favourite females, watching cheesy chick flicks or a soppy romantic film (tissues at the ready). Also, I can’t imagine the man in your life would want to sit through 4 to 5 odd hours watching Pride & Prejudice while you swoon over Colin Firth (oh my word, that lake scene…………..swoon!).

Fundraising –

Me & my family raise money for Ataxia UK & we have a Just Giving page.

I tried to put in some links here for my Ataxia fundraising facebook photo albums but the links wouldn’t work, there was about 12 of them & they would’ve given you some great ideas. We’ve done a pamper night, book sale, numerous fete days, cake sale, Bbq & more.

Bbq –

Having a BBQ may also be the last thing on your mind in this cold weather but again, bear with me, you can add layers of clothing stand by the heat of the BBQ or, if you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit or garden heater (I don’t have either) problem solved.

Recipe ideas for a Bbq (I love anything pig, so…………) –

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Skewers



8 slices Bacon

4 Chicken thighs, boneless skinless

1/2 cup Honey

1 tsp Paprika, smoked

1/4 cup Apple cider vinegar


Mix together the honey, paprika & apple cider vinegar

Cut the chicken & wrap with the bacon

Put the meat onto the skewers & then brush on the sauce

Cook on the Bbq until fully cooked – I recommend doing an extra one to use as a tester for cooking checks

Potatoes wrapped in bacon

Not exactly to go on the Bbq, more of a side dish, although, I reckon they wouldn’t be that hard to cook on the bbq cause bacon’s easy to cook on a bbq & they’re only ickle taters.



Get as many baby potatoes as you want

Half the amount of bacon slices to potatoes


Pre heat the oven at 200°c

Heat up a little oil in a baking tray while the potatoes are par boiling (your preferred oil is fine)

Par boil the potatoes – only until they are literally JUST starting to go soft (DON’T LET THE WATER BOIL) & then wrap in bacon

Put in the oven until bacon is cooked & the potatoes are soft (not too soft though, you don’t want them falling apart).


If you want to, you can coat with herbs or spices before putting in the oven to bake.

Craft Night –

Invite like-minded family &/or friends round for a night of making cards/decorations/invites etc, you could pull your craft resources together & if someone has an occasion approaching within the next 12 months, you could make some stationary, decorations etc together.

Food ideas –

Any of the food ideas above would go well with an evening of crafting, remember, a fuelled body is a fuelled mind!

More easy food ideas for any of the above –

You could even do things like apple & nut butter?

In fact, I challenge you to go into your kitchen right now, go through ALL of your food cupboards, your fridge/freezer & NOT find something you could put together & take along with you to a BBQ/picnic/girls night/film night/games night (etc etc) this weekend?

I absolutely love the look of these boards –

All of the above ideas can involve a numerous amount of your family &/or friends, you & your special someone or a couple of them can even be fun to do by yourself.

The idea is that each person brings an addition to the offering to make it cheaper & easier on everyone attending & no one person has to foot the entire cost themselves.

Here’s a couple of websites with more ideas –

26 Build Your Own Food Bar Ideas.

23 Easy Picnic Recipes

Take what you want or need & ignore the rest.

Whenever you spend time with people you care about, I think this should be a must (unless there’s an emergency of course) –


I hope you found some of them useful & who cares if it’s Winter, if we waited for the warm weather to arrive before we socialized outside in the UK, we’d forget what the sun & fresh air felt like on our skin!

Bye for now.


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My 2016 new finds, old faves & highlights

Yeah yeah, I know 2016 is rapidly becoming a distant memory for most of us but before it completely disappears from our thoughts, I wanted to go through some of the things I loved last year, some are new finds & some are old faves. I wanted to add in some highlights from 2016 that I failed to mention in one of my last blog posts – 2016 ~ Worst & Best

I’m very much a visual person, so this post is going to be mainly in photos but I’ll be adding links that contain everything I’ll mention for you to have a nosy through.

In no particular order, here we go –

Toiletries etc –

In 2016 I had a new love for the bath bomb, the others I feel are definitely old faves. The Wilko hand wash really does smell like rhubarb & custard & that So…? For Me body spray – OH MY WORD!!!

Here’s a few posts for you to check out with either my thoughts about the products or their website –

My Winter Scent ~ You’ve seen it before!

*I love to love these things* ~ Part 2

*I love to love these things ~ Part 3

Beauty –

I really enjoyed wearing a dark lip for the 1st time in 2016, I was always to worried I was too old to wear a dark bold lip colour but now, I don’t care, I really enjoy wearing it! I fell in love with that nail colour the 1st time I wore it & I’ve decided that I’m going to wear nail varnish more often. I only found the lip gloss in December 2016 but I’ve worn it lots since then.

Here’s a few posts for you to check out with either my thoughts about the products or their website –

I like all 4 but this one’s my favourite!

What I thought of my December 2016 Birchbox & freebie.

Blogtober ~ Halloween Fun

Yum Yums –

I feel like 2016 was a good year for finding new flavours & food/drink for me.

If you’re lactose intolerant like me, you’ll know just how frustrating it is when you want something but can’t cause it contains milk products or when they don’t contain milk products, they contain a soya product which I’m trying to stay away from because  it’s reported that soya can interrupt your hormone function & that’s the last thing I need! I finally found a lactose free custard that doesn’t contain soya. Yay! I found a new love for porridge & I love coconut yoghurt with berries, granola & honey. I also found some new glorious flavoured coffees in 2016 – a brand called LITTLES make some amazing flavoured coffee, the chocolate orange one is amazing. For Christmas, I got us both a Jelly Belly bean advent calendar & loved it (everyday a different flavour, nom nom). I fell in love with fruit smoothies in the warmer months & that’s one of the reasons I can’t wait for spring & summer. Tea pigs Winter Spiced tea is deliciously Christmassy. I love any excuse for a BBQ but I much prefer the coal cooked method, definitely my best way to cook – well, eat food! Hehe. I don’t actually do the cooking on the BBQ, Richard does that. I tried tacos (well, soft tacos) for the 1st time in 2016 too & enjoyed them.

Here’s a few posts for you to check out with either my thoughts about the products or their website –

A taste for a Smoothie………….Berries go Bananas

An amazing breakkie for the colder months

Blogtober ~ Week 4

Blogmas ~ Our advent calendars

Blogmas ~ Week 1

Littles Flavoured Coffee

Fun Stuff –

I absolutely love Yankee candles. Last year was the 1st time me & Richard did pumpkin carving together, we had a right laugh! Hehe. Loved the photo booth we had for our works dept. christmas party. I’m loving the new book Richard got me for christmas. I loved doing the Disney advent calendar for Richard, I wrote a little note in each day, some were notes of love & some were activities.

Here’s a few posts for you to check out with either my thoughts about the products or their website –

The Little Book Of Hygge: The Danish Way To Live Well

Blogmas advent calendar link is above.

Yankee Candles

Blogtober ~ Halloween Fun

These made my life so much easier in 2016 –

The aloe heat lotion is amazing for aches & pains, honestly, it isn’t just another fad product, it genuinely works wonders, obviously, it’s not going to cure your arthritis but it’ll definitely ease the pain you’re in. I went to a festival in August & burnt my face a little & my lips (which I’ve never done before), the aqueous cream & aloe lips were amazing for my sunburn! Burt’s bees lip balm is my new fave lip balm (however, not the best to have in hotter sun than you’re used to). My new phone, wow, where do I start with this one?? My old phone, which was an older version of the Huawei was soooooo bad by the time I’d got my new one, I wanted to smash the old one! Hehe. (I still need to do a full review on my new phone but trust me, it’s amazing). We use our food warmer for every party, BBQ, gathering, family lunch or dinner we have, it’s saved my life so many times because I’m so rubbish when it comes to cooking timings!

Here’s a few posts for you to check out with a little more info about the products –

Still loving Aloe Heat Lotion

Aqueous Cream

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – Vit E & Peppermint

Blogtober ~ Week 4 is when I got my phone – linked above. A website for you – The Huawei P9

I really need sunburn relief right now

Our christmas day lunch – Food Warmer from Ebay

Things that made me smile –

I loved our christmas tree last year, it was our best yet in my opinion, although Richard missed the tinsel! The santa mugs were a pressie from a friend at work for me & Richard. The basket with the Yankee products in was a pressie from my best friend for me & now I use the basket for all my Yankee stuff! “My” tree is on campus, I see it every day on my way to work & I love seeing it change through the seasons – my Blogtober posts see it change throughout the whole of October.

A little note – you know, I was convinced that 2016 had been a really bad year but actually, I don’t think it was all that bad, I started this blog in February 2016 & doing this blog has enabled me to look back on the year with much more positivity & with a smile.

I hope you had an amazing 2016.

Bye for now.


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Learn from our BBQing mistakes!

It’s at the end of BBQ season, although, I personally think, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a BBQ any time of the year!

My parents recently celebrated their Ruby (40th) Wedding Anniversary & we had a BBQ.

Richard done the cooking. He’s done a few BBQs overs the 5 years I’ve known him & he loves doing them & will only cook on a coal BBQ, NOT GAS, in my opinion, if I’m honest, coal gives the best BBQ flavour!

If I could tell you to get 1 thing that would save your life when having a BBQ (well, when having any kind of get-together really), it would be a food warmer……………here’s the one we have, it’s been amazing, however, I feel I should tell you that a couple of the lids have split across the middle, it still works perfectly fine but I feel that if I’m not careful, they’ll just snap in half but I am able to buy replacement lids & we’ve had it for about 3 to 4 years, so it’s done well!


This time however, we found the BBQ a little more stressful than usual, here’s why……………………..

What I realised –

  • Should of made sure EVERYTHING was prepared in advance – even the salad!
  • Blow & tie the balloons the day before.
  • Should of put the decorations up the day before.
  • Needed a second food warmer.
  • We needed some kind of drinks cooler, there was no room in the fridge for the drinks due to the food!
  • I need more tupperware boxes for the mushrooms, onions, sliced tomato & cucumber (I didn’t do sliced tomato or cucumber because I didn’t have anything to put them in).

What Richard realised –

  • He should’ve made sure he had a water spray bottle to control the flames, which will control the cooking temp! He always uses one but for some reason, he couldn’t find it this time.
  • He wished he’d had more disposable gloves
  • He needed another BBQ, 1 just never seems enough cooking room & Richard always ends up using disposable ones aswell!



Here’s a list of OUR BBQing essentials –

  • 2 food warmers
  • 2 BBQs (coal & not gas)
  • Water spray bottle
  • Plenty of disposable gloves
  • Drinks cooler of some kind


Here’s a list of things I need to do next time –

3 days before –

  • Get the belly pork out of the freezer.
  • Get the chicken breasts out of the freezer.
  • Soak the wooden skewers overnight.

2 days before –

  • Get all the corn out of the freezer.
  • Coat all the belly pork in the herbs (gives it time for more flavour to come through) – we do smoked paprika, mixed herbs & plain.
  • Do the chicken & chorizo skewers.
  • Go through everything & make sure there’s nothing else you need that you may have forgotten!

The day before –

  • Wrap the corn in foil.
  • Do all the salad.
  • If you’re having the BBQ at another venue, take all the sauces, bread rolls, & stuff that’ll fit in the venues fridge round.
  • Blow up & tie ANY balloons.
  • If it’s not planning on raining over night, put ANY decorations up.
  • Set up everything how you want it – taking into consideration any safety issues – we had a fish pond to contend with but my dad put some pebbles around the back of it to make a pathway because the front of it was where the BBQ had to go (space issues!).

The day of (not necessarily in this order –

  • Put up ANY balloons.
  • Make sure everything is ready.
  • Make yourself look occasion appropriate! I love to feel all dressed up for any occasion!
  • Put on the food warmer & light the BBQ.
  • Cook off the mushrooms & onions for going in the food warmer.
  • Cook off things like potatoes, sausage rolls & cocktail sausages if you’re having any.
  • HAVE LOTS OF FUN & take lots of pictures!


If you do or have anything that saves YOUR life when you have a party/get-together, then please let me know, I may be missing an essential I’ve overlooked!

I hope you find this helpful, I know that I will when it comes to doing our next BBQ.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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A Pinterest Addiction ~ Part 1…………..

I’m writing this post because I wanted to share with you my love of Pinterest!

I can’t even remember when I 1st started using pinterest but I do know how much I love it! I’m not joking when I say that I have a look through pinterest at least once a day!

In order to make sure you’re not wasting your time (there’s nothing worse than investing time in looking through someones Pinterest boards & not finding what you’re looking for!), I’ve included a list of my boards so that you know what to expect, also though, I thought it would help me out by making sure you actually want to look through my boards!

None of my boards are rambed full of pins, I regularly sort through my boards & delete pins I’m no longer interested in, my last clear out was about 6 weeks ago & I deleted hundreds of pins! I’m put off by boards with hundreds upon hundreds of pins but I will have a look through in the hope of finding exactly what I need but I won’t even click on a board that has over 1000 pins (no way, no matter how desperate I am, you can get lost in them ones!), I’d have to at least split them into 3 different boards! Pinteresting is not a fast past time, it helps if you know what you’re looking for because there’s a pin for everything & if you go in just to have a look around (trust me), you’ll be there for hours! If however, you have an idea of what you are looking for, it’d make it so much easier & quicker!


The link below is a link to ALL my boards & the list below that tells you what boards I have to share…………

My Pinterest Boards

Entertaining – Parties/Picnics etc…………….

Dinner Party – Pins to give inspiration for throwing dinner parties

Party Decs – You’ll find lots of deckie ideas in this board & some of them are amazing

Party Recipes – Ideas for keeping your party guests fed & watered

Party Ideas – Game ideas, theme ideas, party accessory ideas

Bonfire Night – Ideas for throwing a fab bonfire/fireworks party

Picnics – Ideas for the perfect picnic


Christmas (oh how I love Christmas)…………..

Christmas Recipes – Lots of different recipes for christmas, from candy cane recipes to mulled wine

Christmas Ideas – Lots of ideas from pressie ideas & 12 days of christmas ideas to decky ideas


Halloween (those who know me best, know how much I love halloween)………………

Halloween Ideas – From games to decky ideas

Halloween Recipes – Sweet treats & deadly delights


Recipes & Foodie Stuff………………..

Jams/syrups/sauces/fillings etc – The clue’s in the title (hehe)

BBQ – There’s not much you can’t cook either on the bbq or for a bbq, no matter what time of year it is

Packed Lunch – A few recipes for making a packed lunch, either for work or a delish picnic

Chicken – Lots of different ways to chicken, from a chicken pie to chilli dorito crusted chicken

Eggs – Different ideas for egg recipes, from ham, egg & cheese bread bowls to making multiple poached eggs in the oven

Herb & Spice – Recipes for different spice blends like pumpkin spice & taco seasoning, with ways to cut & store herbs

Veggies – Recipes from cauliflower cheese, veg pie & baked rosemary carrots to making pumpkin puree

Pig – From how to cook slow cooked chorizo pulled pork, & pecan crusted pork to bacon recipes including a deep filled egg & bacon pie. Plus a pin for how long to cook ham

I’m Nutty Bout Nuts – I love pecans & so anything made with pecans definitely gets my vote! Recipes from chocolate pecan pie to candied cinnamon pecans or mixed nuts

Smoking Meat – The clue is again, in the title

Side Dishes – A new board, for side dishes I come across & want to recreate. I have a recipe for paleo coleslaw & guacamole

Breakfast Choices – Pancakes, breakfast muffins & fruit

Fruiti Ideas – Another new board for dishes containing fruit

Soups & Stews – Although this is an old board, it is incredibly bare due to the fact that I cleared lots of pins out of it

To Bake Or Not To Bake – A few recipes that are baked & no bake, ranging from baked coconut almond cookies to no bake vegan fudge bars

Fish – A very lonely tuna pasta bake

Free From – Recipes ranging from dairy free mint choc chip ice cream & dairy free pesto sauce to tips on going gluten-free

Freezer Friendly Food – Recipes that can be made ahead of time & frozen & recipes for bulk cooking

Food Storage – Tips for keeping your stuff fresher for longer

Drinks – Hot & cold drink recipes from cocktails to hot chocolate


Home Stuff……………..

Home sweet home – Full of ideas from curtains & blinds to wall deckies

Homemade – Ideas for making your own furniture & wall deckies

Decorating – General ideas for decorating your home

Decorating-Lounge – Ideas to make your lounge/front room look pretty

Decorating-Bathroom – Ideas to making your bathroom a place of peace & tranquility

Decorating-Kitchen – We all need a working kitchen & one we actually enjoy being in

Decorating-Main Bedroom – Your bedroom NEEDS to be a place for you to sleep soundly & have wonderous dreams & not be full of clutter & things that your bedroom don’t need

Decorating-Dressing Room – Things I love the look of for my dressing room

Kitchen Hacks – Ideas from cooking timings to weight conversions

Cleaning Solutions – From recipes to making your own cleaning products to cleaning tips to help make our lives easier


Garden & Allotment Stuff……………..

Garden – Ideas ranging from what to compost, testing the freshness of an egg, natural garden care, things you could build, to things I’d like to grow

Chickens – Pins for tips on keeping chickens & things you could build for said chickens


This post is the 1st of 2 posts listing my pinterest boards, I had intended to do just one but I think this is long enough! Hehe.

If you use any of the pins, I’d love to hear about it, even if you didn’t like to result, all feedback is welcome!

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx


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BBQ, Foods, Things I Love

My favourite things to eat………………

We all have those delicious meals/foodie bits that we love the taste of but would REALLY rather not cook, well, here’s mine…………….

The meal that I absolutely love the taste of but would NEVER attempt to cook it is, Katsu Chicken Curry…………..why, you may ask, would I never attempt to cook it??? Well, have you ever had a favourite dish that you love & then attempted to make it yourself at home but it’s never tasted the same or tuned out REALLY bad??? Well, that’s why, I would never want to ruin a perfect dish!

The foodie bits I love to eat but would never EVER attempt to cook is a BBQ, Richard makes a mean BBQ, he cooks the best barby I’ve ever been too (his dad taught him well & would be extremely proud of his BBQ cooking skills) & only uses a coal bbq, the flavours so much better. Whenever he does one, he always cooks sausages for hotdogs, burgers (I’m not a fan), belly pork (we’re huge fans of pig) in 3 different flavours (flavoured by ourselves), chicken & chorizo skewers, we’ve started adding sliced white onion & sliced peppers to the skewers to help make the chicken more moist & tender, plus corn on the cob. I will always do fried mushrooms, fried onions & a mixed salad. Sometimes we’ll also do veggie burgers. We always have an array of sauces ranging from good old tommy sauce to a new one I’m trying out right now which is a JD BBQ Sauce (verdicts still out on that one though), I absolutely love tomato sauce & that sweeter american style mustard on my hotdogs but they have to be made a certain way……………………I have to put the fried mushrooms & fried onions on the bottom, then the sausage & then topped with my sauce choices! Nom nom nom.

If you have any favourites you cook on a BBQ feel free to share.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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