My plans for the Clean9 by Forever Living


This detox isn’t to be taken lightly, although, I feel it may be a little easier this time round. I did it a couple of years ago & oh my goodness, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done to help myself! Day 2 was a killer. I remember waking up on day 2 feeling like I couldn’t move & that I had pain in places on my body I’d never felt before, the pain literally reduced me to tears, so much so that I had to wake Richard up because I needed him so much! I remember being in the bed (I went back to bed to try & ease off the pain) & listening to my neighbour shouting at his dog to lie down, it was driving me insane & seemed to go on for ages, in the end I thought, “I can’t deal with this pain & listen to that any longer”, so I actually scream through the walls for him to lie down! Pain really does make your brain frazzle.

Why, then, am I putting myself through it again you may ask! Well, the answer is simple – IT WORKS!!!

My reason for doing this detox & what I want out of it is to slay my sugar dragon or at least put it in a deep coma! My body hurts me every single day of my life, doing normal daily things like lying in bed to go sleep hurts, bending down hurts & even lifting boxes of crisps at work (which are incredibly light) hurts if I don’t watch what I’m doing. My joints hurt constantly, not to the point where I can’t do anything but the pain is there & it’s annoying (thank goodness for Still loving Aloe Heat Lotion, it’s been a life saver on many occasions & the tube I have is still the original tube, you really don’t need that much for it to ease the discomfort),  although it doesn’t stop me from doing anything (apart from certain types of exercises), it slows me down & I hate it! I know that sugar is a massive culprit for the pain & discomfort I’m in, so the main purpose for doing the C9 (clean 9) is to eliminate all the sugar from my body!

The aloe vera gel don’t taste the best neat but it’s worth it & the end result will give me freedom & my 1st step on my TTC journey (My steps to prepare for our TTC journey).

Here’s what you get in the box –


I’m so pleased I got another shake mixer because I use my other one loads for smoothies & now, me & Richard will both have one! – Dibs on the new green one! Hehe.

Aloe Vera gel – there’s a measuring cup to make sure you’re taking the right dosage.
Vanilla flavoured shake powder
Meal supplements

Another item I got in the box, which I don’t remember being as comprehensive last time, is this booklet –

I mean, look at it, there’s room for you to write everything you need to keep track of, I’m so looking forward to using this!

There was also a tape measure to keep track of the inches lost.

Here’s the last thing from the box (a medical notice) –

Important to read this for medical purposes! I was going to see if Richard would be willing to have a go at this detox in the future but after reading this, I’ve realised that he’s unable to do so because he’s diabetic.

The when – I’m going to be starting this detox on Friday the 3rd of March, you may wonder why I’m starting it on a Friday? Well, if I start it on a Friday, it means that my worst days (2 & 3) will fall on the weekend when I don’t need to leave the house if I can’t move or to moody to talk to anyone (in advance Richard – I love you & I’m sorry [hehe]).

I’m going to be keeping a blogging diary of the whole 9 days, so there probably wont be the usual post on Tuesday 7th March.

If you’ve done it before, let me know how you got on.

Bye for now.


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