Mind dump Monday

Hey lovelies,

Sometimes you just need to get it out.

It may feel like you have a million & 1 things going around in your head & end up forgetting a lot of them. I need to find a way to get them out of my head & put them somewhere…ANYWHERE.

Here’s how my mind works sometimes –

I need to find a way to study – I don’t know how, when or where??? I go work, I come home, I sit, eat, watch TV for about 3 hrs, go bed & then do it all again!!! That’s how my week days go. Bored now……….snoozeville!

I need to find a way to stop eating crap! I blame it on boredom, laziness, just plain greed & above all, poor planning. I absolutely love healthy food, fruit, veg, salads, nuts, seeds etc etc, I’m just not very good at meal planning or meal prepping. – As I’m proof reading this, I’m eating a bourbon biscuit, typical.

I need & want to do the Forever Living Clean 9 Detox again (My plans for the Clean 9 by Forever Living). MY BODY NEEDS IT!!!

I have to register for a Nutrition course by the 28th of February & once registered, I then have 12 months to complete it.

2018 needs to be focused around studying, mental & physical health, financial planning & WEDDING PLANNING (I can’t frickin wait)!!

As soon as I typed the above, I immediately thought, ‘shit’, how am I going to have the brain capacity to study 2 nutrition courses, 1 which needs to be completed before next March, plan my wedding (when we haven’t even decided on which season we want to get married in or even if we want a church wedding or not) & sort our finances (holiday, savings & wedding, in that order)???

Oh how I love it now I’ve started these mind dumps! Upon reading them, you may, on occasion not be so sure but I sure do, the reason I blog post them is because I can’t bear the thought of writing them, it’d take me forever & I’d never do it (my writing tends to look like a drunken spider’s had fun with a pen across a piece of paper), plus, I don’t want to just type them in word & leave them there or something because I feel like, if I did that, I’d never look at them & they’d be swallowed up in all the documents on my laptop that I’ve not looked at in at least 7 months.

Well, having been distracted on a website called Clearance XL for the past hour or so, I suddenly remembered that A, I was actually doing a blog post for tomorrow morning (Monday 19th Jan 18) & B, I’m starving & want food. Fast forward 45 more minutes & food had.

I’ve done for this weeks mind dump & I’ve not even touched on the subject I started with last week – Mind dump Monday.

I hope you have an amazing week.

Bye for now.


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