Happy Monday

Morning you little miracle, here’s hoping you have an amazing week.

I nearly didn’t do one today but I thought, why not, it’s one post I can knock out quickly & if it makes one person smile then yay!

Here’s some funnies for you.


I really do love to laugh!

Here’s a couple of (somewhat) inspirational pins.


I’ve got a little task for you this week, should you choose to accept it, it should make you feel a little more loved by YOU! I want you to remember YOU this week, give yourself a huge bear hug & tell yourself “I love you” (today would be perfect for that), you could give your shoulder blades a quick massage while you do it. I want you to try to remember to say thank you to yourself every time you do something for just you this week, I bet it’s not half as much as you do for others!

Bye for now.


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