My March Favourites

Evening my lovelies.

I know it’s the middle of April but I’ve only just this past week decided to do one of these. March was a month of changes for me & I found some fab discoveries.

I’ve done a few blog posts telling you what my favourite things are but I’ve never done a monthly favourites post, I’ve seen loads on YouTube, so I thought I’d do one for March. If I find anything new that I love, I’ll do one every month.

My March favourites –


March was definitely a month for discovering new & rediscovering great stuff.

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve got thin naturally curly hair which I enjoy but it comes with a frizzy top layer (which can be hard to tame), the underneath is fab, it dries great & curls perfectly but it’s the top layer that’s unruly. I’ve been wanting to move away from shampoos & conditioners with parabens & sulphates for a while but didn’t know which to try, then, one day while in Holland & Barrett, I spotted these on sale, so thought I’d give them a go. I’m so glad I did, they are great, they haven’t completely tamed my unruly top layer of hair but it now has more defined curls & I’m wearing my hair down more often now than I have in years. I only wash my hair once a week due to the fact that I haven’t wanted to over strip my hair & my scalp can be itchy & sensitive but I find that even with only washing my hair once a week with these products makes so much difference, my hair is softer & has more defined curls!

Lasting perfection concealer & Superdrug Anti-Ageing BB cream

I generally don’t wear much make-up but have recently decided to start trying out new products, in March I decided to try these 2 products & I’m loving them. I suffer from redness & the BB cream covers it enough that it looks like it’s calmed down & the concealer brightens under my eyes a treat, if I apply it a little at a time it’s better & don’t go cakey, a mistake learnt from the 1st time I used the concealer! Hehe.

Avon Pulse For Her

I feel that Avon gets a lot of stick for not being very good quality & being – as some people say – “cheap rubbish” but I’m here to tell you that it’s not & that you don’t have to spend £40 to £60 to get an amazing smelly scent or that your favourite nail polish doesn’t have to cost loads. This scent is amazing & smells delicious. As soon as I spray it, it puts a smile on my face.

Eat Real Veggie Straws – Kale, Tomato & Spinach

I’ve recently given up sugar, dairy & obvious wheat products. Being a lover of snacks, while trying to stay away from wheat & staying away from sugary options, I wanted to try a product that I could to eat & not feel guilty about. In Morrisons one day, I came across these, they are so delicious, I love the texture of them & they are so moreish!

Tetley Redbush Vanilla

I stopped drinking squash about 15 months ago when I did a Whole30 & I’ve only had 2 cups of coffee in about 3 weeks (I did a Clean9 detox), I’m trying (in baby steps) to get my body on a healthier track. I’ve found a new love of water but, when I fancy a hot drink, I turn to 2 favourites one being this tea………………..

Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea

…………………….& the other one is this tea. They both are delicious, flavoursome & sweet.




Supermarket Savings Stamps

For the past few years, our christmas food has not actually cost us that much cash & that is purely down to the fact that we save all through the year using savings stamps for the supermarkets we do our christmas food shopping at, which are Morrisons & Tesco.

We already have £24 (I have 2 stamps in my purse, which I just remembered).

We’re determined that this year, we’ll save more than last year, as we didn’t save very well last year! We’re not doing bad so far for Morrisons, I’m loving Morrisons more than Tesco right now, that’s for sure!



March Favourites – Clean9

In March, I did my 2nd Clean9 detox by Forever Living & it’s the best thing I’ve done in a very long time! I needed to cut out the sugar from my diet, it was causing me physical & mental health issues. It did exactly what I wanted it to & I feel loads better, it’s enabled me to narrow down health issues that I actually need to go doctors with & I’m not as stressed & angry as I used to be, I would be riddled with so much self hate due to all the sugar consumption & now I don’t have any!!! – My plans for the Clean 9 by Forever Living.

That my friends, concludes my favourites for March. If you’re using anything that you think I’d love, let me know.

I hope you’ve had a fab week & I hope you enjoy the Easter weekend.

Bye for now.

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