1 month after my Forever Living Clean9 Detox

Hello my lovelies.

Following my Clean 9 by Forever Living, I was a little worried about where to go from there, last time, I pretty much slotted back into my old mold in no time & I didn’t want to do that this time. I like to be prepared, I’m not a last-minute person, I don’t like to be caught off guard, not have anything in place to help me out & not knowing what’s coming (unless it’s pressie/birthday/christmas surprises)!

To help stamp out my sugar addiction, a friend suggested that I seek counseling & to begin with I did agree with her, I felt that it wouldn’t hurt matters but felt silly, could you imagine it –

  • Doctor – “hello, how can I help you?”
  • Me – “I need help with my sugar addiction!”

I mean, how silly does that sound???

Since I started this post & wrote the above paragraph (I started this post about 2 weeks ago), I actually feel at peace with where I’m right now, I now feel strong enough to handle it without doing something that extreme. I’m not getting sugar cravings like I used to, don’t get me wrong, I still get them but they don’t control me anymore. They’re worse when I’m stressed or anxious but I now know that is the reason & not because I actually want to eat the stuff!! I now know that my sugar dragon relies on my weakness to deal with my stress & anxiety levels, so I just have to make sure my armour hasn’t already got any kinks in it! She been rumbled & every now & then, she’ll test me when I’m not stressed or anxious but I don’t even entertain those times! I’m starting to realise that I’m stronger than my sugar dragon is & a hell of a lot stronger than I thought I ever could be & that’s so empowering to me!

As long as I know why I’m getting the cravings, I’m fine. A really weird thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I sometimes say “I really fancy some chocolate or I’ve got a craving”, when actually, 8 times out of 10, I haven’t & I really don’t know why I say it?? The only person I really tell about my sugar cravings is Richard, I’ve been known to ring him from work on the verge of eating chocolate, stressed & pissed off & by the time I’ve come off the phone, I’m laughing & not even thinking about the chocolate (he is my life line & never judges me or calls me weak – not that anyone else ever has)! I love you & I thank you my darling Richard Xxxx.

Since finishing my Clean9 detox, I’ve been staying away from sugar, wheat & dairy. The obvious sugars like chocolate, sweets, biscuits etc have been easier to stay away from than hidden sugars because I refuse to be one of those people who read every single label they see, wheat & dairy have been mostly easy, dairy definitely easier than wheat because I’m lactose intolerant, so I have to stay away from that but wheat is what I struggle to stay away from completely, at work the only thing I can eat is a salad, it’s a good thing I love salad in the warmer months but I feel I need to find ways to add a bit of variety to it so I’m not eating the same things every day, I don’t want to get bored! I also feel that I’d like to try some meal prep to see if that helps me out any.

It’s been about a month now & I thought I’d do my weight & measures, I’ve not done them since finishing the detox, so It’ll be news to me too.

My stats (in stones & inches) –

When I ended my detox, they were –

  • Weight – 15.6
  • Chest – 41 1/4
  • Biceps – 11
  • Waist – 47
  • Hips – 47 1/2
  • Thighs – 26 1/4
  • Calves – 13 3/4

My stats now –


  • Weight – 14st & 13lb
  • Chest – 40
  • Biceps -11
  • Waist – 46 & 3/4
  • Hips – 51
  • Thighs – 27 & 1/4
  • Calves – 14 & 3/4

A difference of 7lb off, with 2 & 1/4in on.

Regardless what my stats had been a month on, I definitely feel better in myself, I don’t get as stressed as I used to & when I do, I usually know why, I find work can stress me easily if I allow it to & if I’m due to start or have already started my period, it just amplifies it! The difference between before my detox & now is that I’m more in tune with my body & I know this sounds somewhat silly coming from a nearly 41-year-old but I know what to expect now & I know how to react to it. Also, my body isn’t in nowhere near as much pain as it used to be in!

I honestly didn’t think that the lasting results from my detox would make me so happy, it’s pointed out so much I didn’t even realise before the detox, you know the saying “I can’t see the wood through the trees”? Well, that’s how I was feeling before the detox, I had so much going on with my body, health & head space that I really didn’t know what I was going to do & it was really getting me down. Since doing the detox I have a lot more clarity & I’m able to control my cravings, it’s only been a month so it’s still early days & I’m always thinking of ways to plan ahead for times when the cravings hit, which, as I said, are mostly when I’m stressed or on my period (thanks so much hormones!).

I’m so glad I decided to do the detox, a few people called me mad for doing it again after what I went through the 1st time but I felt like I had to! It wasn’t as hard as I’d anticipated & if you’re struggling with body pain, food addictions or/& intolerance, maybe you should consider giving it a go. It was the best money I’d spent in a long time! It does however, come with a health warning, so if you are thinking about doing it, make sure you read the top blogpost link.

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Here’s a link to my 1st day, incase you want to see how my days went, they were quite repetitive but I still kept at it –

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I hope you’re having a fab week.

Bye for now.

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