My Forever Living Clean 9 round-up

Morning my lovelies.

Hope you’re all well on this glorious Tuesday morning.


The why –

I decided to do this detox to aid kick my sugar addiction & to help me get rid of the sugar out of my system! Also, to aid my body feel less pain on a daily basis. Both factors which are debilitating to live with & I feel really slow me down in my life, let me explain what I mean – my sugar addiction slows me down because it wasn’t helping me lose weight & I need to lose 4 stone to aid us in our TTC (Trying To Conceive) journey, the pain I suffered on a daily basis, was slowing me down, some days more than others, especially at work, I’ve been in situations where I’ve been in enough pain to slow me down at work so much that I’ve had to gear myself up & prepare myself just to lift a case of 24 bottles of pop, which when you do it on a daily basis can piss you off when your body suddenly decides………….errrmmm, nope, not today. I like to just get the jobs done, not have to fanny around about it!!

How did I get on? –

I found this time around to be a lot easier than the 1st time, I actually managed to take all of my aloe vera gel drinks, I couldn’t do that last time. By day 9, I was taking them neat & following them up with a little tomato just to get rid of the after taste.

I loved the shakes, I feel like I’m going to miss those every day!

I said all along that I wasn’t bothered or interested in the weight loss of this detox, turns out, I lied because when I did my stats, I hadn’t lost much weight at all & that bothered me, which surprised me. My stats showed that I haven’t lost much at all in weight or inches & to my surprise, yes I’m a little bummed that I didn’t lose more weight than I did but in the bigger picture, I’m not that bothered. I didn’t exercise all week apart from walking to & from work, which in the 1st few days, is all I could muster & the last few days, I had a personal matter pop up & it was a little stressful, I tend to turn to food when I’m stressed! The day after this happened, I was so stressed at work (I work in retail) & when serving a customer (he was buying a £1 bar mint aero) & as soon as I caught sight of the chocolate bar, my heart fluttered, like, I mean, I felt my heart actually flutter with excitement, in that instance, I wanted so badly to eat a mint aero bar. I DIDN’T DO IT!!!

I could feel I definitely had more energy as the days went on & if it wasn’t for what happened then, I feel I would’ve had a bit more of a productive week towards the end! Stress costs me more time & energy than I would like it to!

Regarding my sugar cravings – I’ve not had any apart from that once at work.

Regarding how my body feels – My body feels a lot better than it did, I still get little pains but nowhere near like I used to. It’s not slowed me down once at work this week, it’s the 1st full week of ease at work in ages! I have tried so hard not to take any form of pain-killer this week (I did take one dose but it was either that or not go work) but I have used my favourite pain relief product, which is Aloe Heat Lotion. (I feel like I’m such a parrot with this stuff but honestly, it’s amazing, I couldn’t live without it now, I’ve had the same tube for ages, you only need a very small amount)!

It’s the little subtle things you notice, the things you take for granted!

I still get cramps at night, not as bad but there still there enough to annoy me, so I’m thinking that they may not be sugar consumption related (note to self – go doctors)!


My start & finish stats (in stones & inches) –

  • Weight – 15.6 to 15.6
  • Chest – 41 to 41 1/4
  • Biceps – 11 1/2 to 11
  • Waist – 47 1/2 to 47
  • Hips – 50 to 47 1/2
  • Thighs – 27 1/2 to 26 1/4
  • Calves – 15 to 13 3/4

A total loss of 0st & 5 1/2 inches.

Any cravings? –

On day 2, I so badly craved pizza, don’t know why because I never crave pizza, every now & then, I fancy a pizza but never full on craved it! That’s far from what I crave now.

I had that 1 sugar craving, although, I feel that if it wasn’t for the fruit consumption, I may have had more?! Who knows.

Towards the end of my C9, I had a craving for granola & muesli, I had an anchoring to try it with almond milk!

The downs –

The taste of the aloe vera gel, well, the after taste!

Having to remember to take everything at different times of the day, when you’re at home, it’s easier to remember but when you’re at work & busy, it’s so easy to forget!

Feeling like a failure some days because I haven’t done any exercise, just because it says in the booklet EVERY day to do some, I mean, what average person exercises EVERY day??

Being so tired some days!

I’m not sure that allowing the consumption of fruit is a good thing, I get the reasons why but for a sugar addict like me, I just don’t think it’s a good idea! I think I may have abused the privilege on occasion!

I do feel that 9 days wasn’t long enough, I think 14 days would’ve been better!

The ups –

I found myself having more energy on some days.

I’m going to contradict myself now but, being able to eat fruit helped me out loads!

For someone like me, I found the fact that I knew every single day what I was going to be putting into my mouth/body, it saved so much head space & so much time, I love that part of it, it’s so easy! One of mine & Richards daily conversations are – what shall we have for dinner, it drives me mad!

It’s so minimal with the food intake that it allows food items that your body doesn’t appreciate to become more noticeable!

Having the supplements come in perforated blister packs so that you can rip off your days worth & just chuck them in your bag is so convenient & the fiber sachets were single portions which is easy to carry with you (even if I did forget it once).

You learn quickly how to adapt & change meals etc to suit your detox needs.

I had a solid 9 days with no sugar guilt!

What did I learn about myself while doing this C9? –

I turn to food – more precisely, sugar, when I’m stressed, I’m 40 years old & didn’t know that about myself.

I need to go doctors more often when I’m in pain like I get! That’s what they’re there for after all!

I found a new lasting love for pears! I’ve always loved fruit & have actually always enjoyed the flavour of fruit over chocolate but I found a new love of fruit over this week.

I NEED for me & Richard to use & stick to some kind of weekly meal plan & to do some meal prep for the week on a Sunday, while I’m at work is easy because I have my lunch provided & I can have whatever I want (I’m very spoilt at work) but when I’m at home, it’s so hard!

I definitely need to go dairy free but I would also like to try to go wheat free for a while too!

I think I’ve found 2 more foodie items that my body struggles with & which I’ll struggle with if I have to cut them out of my diet! They are – onions & eggs!!!

My body doesn’t need as much as I think it does to function!

I love having shakes for breakfast!

What I’ll do differently if I do it again –

Not eat as much fruit as I did in the beginning.

Make sure I do SOME form of PROPER exercise at least on days 1 & 4 to 9.

Make sure I prepare for when the C9 ends & don’t just focus on the prep for the C9!

Was it worth doing, would I do it again, would I recommend it & why? –

I’m definitely glad I did it & I feel that I’ll be doing one at least every year, just to reboot my body. I really enjoyed it.

I would recommend the C9 to any body who is wanting to or needs to reboot their body for some reason or wants to reduce toxins & sugar from their system (however, for medical reasons, you can’t do this detox if you’re diabetic or have kidney problems, have a read of this post – My plans for the Clean 9 by Forever Living, it contains a medical notice, PLEASE READ IT if you’re thinking about doing a C9).


Here’s my day 1 if you want to follow me from the start – Forever Living Clean9 Detox ~ My day 1.

I’ll come back & give you an update in about a month & let you know how I’m doing following doing a C9.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Bye for now.


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