My steps to prepare for our TTC journey

I’m in such a fab mood today, I feel like I could do loads today but you know what, I’m not going to, not because I’m procrastinating but because I’m congratulating myself in having the realisation of what I actually need to do & how I’m going to do it after months of being stuck in the dark!

I had an epiphany today, I had the realisation that if I focused on the things that need doing by sorting them out into sections, I feel it’ll be easier for me! It might sound obvious to you but, nope, not for me! You know that saying – I can’t see the wood for the trees, well, that’s what I’m like right now (well, I was yesterday).

Last Fridays post was an extremely personal one (The pain of wanting a baby – writing that post turned me into an emotional wreck for about 4 hours, I’m so glad I wrote it on the weekend & not in the week after work but it’s made my head feel so much better, I can finally focus on what’s in front of me instead of worrying about those past delays! It explains the things I want to do in order to get me & my body focused for mine & Richards TTC (Trying To Conceive) journey.

I feel there’s 3 important steps that I need to focus on in order to make our journey easier on both of us, I can be really moody sometimes (sorry Richard – I know that love is never having to say your sorry but, honestly, he deserves it, he’s so patient with me) & also,  I’m not working well in the clutter I’m surrounded by & I feel that if I can de-clutter my mental space & sort out what’s in my head, it’ll all be easier!

Those three things are –

  1. My body

  2. My physical surroundings

  3. My head space & mentality

Number 1 ~ My body –

I feel that I need to empty out all of the toxins & sugar from my system & get my body into shape, I don’t mean losing stones in the fastest time possible, I mean doing it at a sustainable pace for me. In order to kick-start that, I wanted to do a detox but it had to be a realistic one & not just drinking juices all day & everyday, also, it had to be one that didn’t last for weeks & I feel I’ve found one that fits in with what I need, it’s the Clean 9 by Forever Living, I’m going to do a post purely on what this entails, what you get with the C9 (Clean 9) & I’m also going to be daily blogging the whole 9 days, granted, they may not all be long posts but I’ll be sharing what I’m doing, eating, feeling, weighing (ooh, maybe I’ll skirt around that one…….hmmm……..we’ll see how brave I’m feeling), drinking etc etc. My reason for doing this is to slay my sugar dragon & because I know the C9 works, I’ve done it in the past & even though, I found it to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, it truly works, I didn’t stick to it religiously the 1st time round & still, I got amazing results, this time, the plan is to stick to it by the book!

Also, I’m aiming to make more time for exercise, for months now, I’ve been genuinely thinking that I’m a really busy person with no spare time for exercise or socialising, yeah right, I’m amazingly busy………………at doing nothing! I’ve got loads of free time & I need to make better use of it! This is the one thing I’m genuinely looking forward to, I can’t wait to get back on my treadmill & I’m really looking forward to actually using that yoga matt I bought over 18 months ago & not even took out of its wrapper yet (wow, I’m fab at procrastinating!). I also want to eat healthier & not just for a certain period of time, I need to make lifestyle changes, healthier food choices & we both need to cook using fresh ingredients more!

Number 2 ~ My physical surrounding –

This, I feel is going to be a mammoth task in itself, I’ve been walking around the house for what feels like months looking around, thinking this needs doing, that needs doing & not actually doing anything – my reasoning for this is that I’ve been thinking I need Richard to sort through his stuff along side me doing mine & it’s taken all this time & some YouTube watching to gain inspiration & the realisation that I don’t need him to do that at all, he has his own way of doing things & instead of trying to force my wants on to him, I’m just going to go ahead & get on with it, I’ve been watching a lot of videos about minimalism on YouTube & I’ve realised that’s the way I want to go, my aim is to have as little stuff as I need but with a farmhouse, English country décor theme. It’s worth mentioning here that I don’t intend on trying to persuade Richard to join me on this minimalist journey or to start trying to fit all of his stuff in to one tiny space (he’d never be able to do that anyway) but I do expect him to not only be mindful of what he needs stuff for, but also to not add stuff for the sake of JUST INCASES!! We’ve got enough just incases to last us two lifetimes!! Hehe. In order to do this I’m going to go through my house, room by room & do that room in sections – drawers/cupboard or cupboards/shelves/boxes etc etc, you get the idea, I’ll take before & after photos, you won’t believe the difference & I need to do that in order to stay focused & on track with my end goal.

Number 3 ~ My head space & mentality –

One thing I feel will definitely help with this is cleaning/de-cluttering my physical surroundings to the best of my ability, when I came up with this idea (after watching tons of minimalism videos on YouTube), I immediately felt better & more focused, before I decided to do this, my head was in a constant state of – this needs doing but I can’t do that until I’ve done this & I can’t do that until this is done etc etc, it never seemed to end. I would have that train of thought about something every single day & it was getting me down & frustrating the hell out of me, so instead of sitting there feeling like I had no time, which I now know was because my physical space is so cluttered that my mentality was working over time thinking about all the stuff that needed doing in every single room of our house, it was making me feel exhausted, hence the reason why I kept feeling like I had no spare time, I had plenty of spare time, just not the spare head space to add in thoughts of exercise routines & planning dates for socialising, two things that given a chance, would be extremely important to me!

I intend to tackle these three things in some kind of orderly fashion, so I don’t get even more burnt out.

I feel extremely excited about the future & 2017, even more so after the inspiration from those videos, also, I feel confident in knowing that if at any time, I feel the inspiration waning, I can just go back, re-watch some of their videos & know that it’ll restock the fires (as it were)!

Here’s a couple of links to the youtubers I’ve been watching & one I want to try out –

  • The 1st one I found is Muchelleb
  • The 2nd one I found (through the 1st one) is Rachel Aust  – healthy eating & minimalism
  • Here’s the one I want to try out – Yoga with Adriene – she’s got loads of yoga for beginners videos

I know that each one of my three steps are going to bring in steps themselves, I’m no longer naïve enough to believe that 1 step actually means 1 step, most steps come with mini steps within them (how many times can I say steps challenge – I win! Hehe).

I hope you’ll come along with me on this journey, I make no promises about what parts I’ll blog about, I may just blog what I feel to be the most important parts or I may blog every detail, I may even throw in some diary blogs, who knows. I don’t know what the future holds, what I do know is that it’s going to be bumpy, emotional & exhausting but it’s also going to be exciting, eye-opening & challenging, I want it to put fire in my belly instead of sugar! I CAN’T WAIT, I’m so excited. Hold on to your shorts Richard & if you sit still long enough, I may just file you away somewhere! Hehe.

Feel free to comment & ask me anything, I’ll do my very best to answer it & if I can’t, I’ll do my best find the answer for you.

Bye for now.


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