Forever Living Clean9 Detox ~ My day 1

Morning my lovelies.


When I decided to do this clean9, I was extremely nervous, I have expectations for this detox & want so much out of it, if doing this gives me what I want it to, it’ll be amazing & it’ll all be worth it! I’ve done this before & it gave me one of the results I’m hoping for this time, which was that it took away my ability to each sugary foods (mainly chocolate) but I didn’t follow it to the letter – on day 2, I really struggled to have any of the aloe vera gel, I only tried once & then didn’t bother for the rest of the day, I was in so much pain!

Here’s what you get in the box – My plans for the Clean 9 by Forever Living.

These C9 posts are going to be a true count of what I’ve had, eaten, been drinking, any exercise I do (which won’t be every single day) & how I feel – both physically & emotionally. WARNING – some info along the way may be a little TMI!! Hehe.

I’ll also be including in these posts my stats on days 1, 3, 6 & 9.

Right then, onto day 1. It’s Friday 3rd March & the reason I started it on a Friday is because I know that day 2 (tomorrow) will not be a good day & I didn’t want to set myself up to fail, I wanted to make sure that if I need to lock myself away on day 2, I can!

Morning – when I had my aloe vera gel, which by the way, when I was measuring it out, I was convinced the dosage is bigger! Hehe. I mixed it with some freshly squeezed orange juice, I know I’m allowed oranges, so wanted to see what it was like, result = not bad, tolerable. I also had my supplements.

Mid-morning – I had a pear. The 1st time I did this detox, eating on days 1 & 2 wasn’t allowed but has since been added, it says in the booklet that these are to keep off hunger & they are a massive help!

Lunch time – I had my aloe vera gel, again with freshly squeezed orange juice, I really think that eventually, I’m going to have to just bite the bullet & neck it neat! I had the 1st of my shakes & I forgot to take my almond milk to work so I had to have it with water! I also had my supplements.

Dinner time – When I got home from work, I had my fiber sachet, aloe vera gel & my supplements. I also had a pear.

Early evening – I had an apple & some grapes.

Evening – I had my last lot of aloe vera gel.

Did I drink my 8 glasses of water – I’ve never felt thirsty enough to drink the daily recommended water allowance & today was no different, I did manage to drink more than I normally do but not the full 8 glasses. I managed 6.

Did I manage to get any exercise done today –I walk to work & back everyday, which I think is fine for now, I’ll up it as the week goes on.

I made a mistake when I had my dinner time lot, I wasn’t supposed to have my supplements with my fiber sachet, so tomorrow, I’ll have my fiber sachet earlier! I must also remember to take my milk with me to work next week!

How I’ve been feeling today – Today started off completely as normal (as expected), as the day went on, I found that I’ve been urinating a lot more than I usually do. My body has also been aching more than usual as the day has gone on. I feel very positive about doing this & excited to see what results it will give me!


My stats (in stone & inches) –

  • Weight – 15.6
  • Chest – 41
  • Biceps – 11 1/2
  • Waist – 47 1/2
  • Hips – 50
  • Thighs – 27 1/2
  • Calves – 15

Richard helped me do my measurements tonight, it was hilarious, the booklet said to measure the widest part of my hips & when Richard came to do it, he asked me where he was putting the tape measure & I read out what it says but we couldn’t work out where the widest part was for ages, I couldn’t stop laughing, I thought it was so funny & Richard kept telling me to stop laughing cause my belly would wobble every time I laughed but I just couldn’t help it! Even now, as I’m writing this, it’s making me giggle! Hehe.


There’s a section in the booklet for you to write down 3 goals for the C9, mine are –

  1. To remove sugar & rubbish from my system, to help curb my sugar addiction.
  2. To kick-start healthier choices.
  3. My ultimate goal is that this is the start of my personal health & body fitness journey – to aid me on my TTC journey.

Bye for now.


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