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Who would I trade places with for the day and why

Hey lovelies,

I hope you’re having an amazing start to the week.

I’ve read many blogpost list ideas since I started blogging, lots of which were not relevant to me or my cup of tea but when I seen this idea, I knew straight away who it would be, so I had to do this post (the only problem is, I can’t actually remember whos’ list this belonged to).

The person I’d trade places with for a day is –

  • My niece, Tallie (Natalie).


    ~ Me & Tallie ~

Here’s my reasons why –

  • She’s one of the strongest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing
  • She’s a mother & makes it look so easy & so much fun
  • She has the ability to let you know when she’s pissed off with you, with just one look, I’ve had that look on more than one occasion & immediately thought “why did I say/do that?”, honestly, I wanted the ground to just open up & swallow me (I’m so sorry for the times I received that look). She doesn’t need to argue with you & she doesn’t like to.
  • She loves love, happiness & smiles, she oozes them & has plenty to go around.
  • She’s so girlie, I love it.
  • She has the ability to light up a room upon immediate entry & no matter your mood, always manages to make you smile.
  • She gives her life to her children & has such a busy mum schedule but still finds time to make you welcome into her home, she would greet you at her door no matter the time of day with a smile & an offer of a hot beverage.
  • She puts me in mind of a swan, when you observe her, she glides by gracefully but underneath it all, her inner ‘legs’ must be going like the clappers. Hehe.
  • I’ve never known anyone like her.

The tag words I’ve attached to this post are just some of the words I would associate with Tallie.

I’m proud beyond words to call her my niece & wish I seen her more than I do.

Love you lots Tallie.

I do have more of an unrealistic pick –

Kate Middleton –

I would love to know if she’s able to live a remotely normal life with her family & how they all interact (here’s a thought for you, William & Harry remind me of Stefan & Damon in Vampire Diaries! William’s Stefan, more stable & Harry’s Damon, seems to like danger & take more risks. Hehe).

I hope you have an amazing week.

Bye for now.


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Blogmas Day #3 | My festive bucket list

Merry Christmas 1

Morning lovelies,

Happy December, I hope you have an amazing festive season.

Here’s my festive bucket list –

  • Host a christmas party (with games)
  • Make mince pies
  • Go midnight mass on christmas eve
  • Watch carol singing
  • Sing some christmas carols
  • Wear a christmas outfit/jumper to work (if only for one day)
  • Make mulled wine (even if it’s the cheats version)
  • Watch the sun set
  • Watch the sun rise
  • Play in the snow (IF it snows)
  • Enjoy nice festive food & drink
  • Spend time with family &/or friends
  • Wrap christmas pressies while drinking something festive & watching a christmas film or listening to christmas songs
  • Get at least half way through a photo a day challenge during Blogmas
  • Watch lots of christmas films
  • Make christmas treats
  • Keep up mine & Richards christmas eve tradition with mum & dad
  • Just go walking in the cold air with Richard
  • Go looking at some christmas lights

I’d also like to go christmas shopping with my sis & grab a neros in town, this is something we 1st did 2 years ago & I love it, we have quality time together & it’s christmas related (the chance to just sit with her, have a nice hot cuppa in town while it’s cold out & everyone else is busying around is delicious), plus, I get a christmas cuppa from my favourite coffee shop, we went Costa in the past but I’m going to see if she fancies a change this year & go Neros instead.

Whatever you’re planning to do over the festive season, be safe & be happy.

Bye for now.

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Blogmas Day #2 | Blogmas post ideas

Merry Christmas 1

Morning lovelies,

During this hectic time of year, I hope you find this post helpful & that you feel you can use even one of these ideas.

Some of these ideas I found on other lists & some of them are my own ideas, take what ever you like.

Blogmas post ideas

  • Advent calendars
  • Festive bucket list
  • Weekly Blogmas diaries
  • Favourite mince-pie recipe
  • Gift guides
  • Christmas tag (either one you’ve seen or create your own), I have one coming up in Blogmas, keep your eyes peeled
  • Blogmas ideas
  • Tips for saving money on food bills over christmas
  • Top 5 Christmas films
  • What’s on my christmas tree
  • Christmas decorations tour
  • Top 5 christmas coffees or teas
  • Christmas day routine
  • Christmas day lunch menu
  • Would you rather – christmas edition
  • December outfit diary/lookbook
  • What christmas means to you
  • Christmas day outfit
  • 5 things to do in the run up to christmas to get you in the festive mood
  • 3 Christmas morning breakfast ideas
  • Preparing for the new year
  • Photo a day challenge
  • Things your thankful for this christmas
  • Write a letter to santa
  • Christmas party GRWM
  • Christmas party essentials
  • Christmas traditions old & new
  • Top 5 festive candles
  • Winter bucket list
  • Christmas make up & perfect, red lip
  • At home Christmas party cheats
  • Look back at the year gone by & any resolutions for the year ahead

Well, that’s it, if you have any I’ve missed, feel free to leave them in the comment.

I hope you have an amazing weekend.

Bye for now.

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Blogmas Day #1 | Welcoming the festive season

Merry Christmas 1

Morning you lovely people,

OH…MY…WORD…………’s Decemberrrrrr!!! YAYYYYY.

I can not express to you how excited I am for the festive season, I love this time of year so so much, I love everything about it, the sights, the smells, all the feels, I even enjoy the weather, although, I do wish it would snow!

As the festive season begins, I feel a little overwhelmed with the fact that I don’t have any free weekends before christmas but I have a weeks worth of early finishes at work & a fella that is more than willing to go christmas shopping for our family & friends without me (at least he won’t be walking around town for what feels like 5 years. Hehe), I’m so grateful for a fella that doesn’t mind christmas shopping on his own (although, I do think he prefers it).

I do hope you make time for family, friends & a cup or a glass of something hot & amazing.

I begin Blogmas with an incredible amount of hope that I get to day 24, I’m not going to mind if I don’t have a post for every single day, my aim for Blogmas is to have a diary of December, the run up to Christmas & what I’ve been getting up to but also at least 12 December &/or Christmas related blogposts. If I manage those 2 things, then I’ll be incredibly happy. The blogmas posts will be going live at 6am UK time.

I hope you have lots of fun over the festive season & remember to enjoy the ride, after all, it only comes once a year.

Have you been naughty or nice this year??? I’ve been mostly nice with a dash of naughty. Hehe.

Have an amazing day.

Bye for now.

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Autumn Bucket List

Hi lovelies,

I don’t actually know anyone else who does a seasonal bucket list apart from YouTubers I watch but I bet loads of people I know have one, they just don’t realise it, you know those times when you think to yourself – over Autumn I want to make apple pie, go apple bobbing, watch fireworks, drink hot chocolate in front of an open fire, bbq or bonfire? Well, that’s a bucket list.

Here’s my Autumn bucket list –

  1. Celebrate Richards birthday
  2. Watch some fireworks
  3. Go to Loughborough fair
  4. Toast marshmallows
  5. Book my works christmas party
  6. Keep a little blog diary on occasion over Autumn
  7. Get all snuggly with fleece pjs & a cup of something hot & tasty (usually coffee or chocolate related)
  8. Watch Hocus Pocus
  9. Watch Practical Magic
  10. Have a girls film night
  11. Eat Autumn inspired food
  12. Make my favourite soups – roasted parsnip & pumpkin & farmhouse veg soup (out of my latest fav cookbook – Eat Smart by 1 of my fave youtubers Niomi Smart
  13. Make chicken stew
  14. Do some Autumn baking
  15. Watch some haunting documentaries
  16. Attempt to watch a scary (ish) film
  17. Buy halloween sweets for the trick or treaters, along with something for a few tricks
  18. Maybe dress up & go trick or treating with the family
  19. Bring a little Autumn indoors
  20. Go walking at the weekend with Richard
  21. Make a list of christmas pressies & go christmas pressie shopping
  22. Write christmas cards
  23. Walk through the Autumn leaves
  24. Set up for doing Blogmas (I don’t even mind if it’s as simple as last years – Blogmas ~ Week 1).
  25. Do a thankful list
  26. Eat some porridge (I’ve not had porridge for ages)
  27. Get excited for Vlogmas (hehe)
  28. Sort out saving stamps & christmas vouchers for christmas food & drink shopping at Morrisons & Tesco
  29. Sort out christmas menu
  30. Plan & book in a family christmas party

So then, that’s my Autumn bucket list, there’s some real exciting things on there & some stuff that will make the up coming seasons a lot easier for me.

A few of these things will go together, so although it may look like a mammoth list, I’ll be able to do a few of these things together, for example – making soup & stew can be combined with eating Autumn inspired food or walking with Richard can be combined with walking through leaves & so on & so on.

Keep Calm & Love Autumn

~ NOTE TO SELF: Print this out & put it on the fridge Sarah! ~

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Bye for now.


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Blogmas ~ Week 4

Welcome to the last week of Blogmas, this has been bloody hard work! I’ve not always been successful at keeping a proper diary of my days & not all my days have been worth blogging about but I’ve done my best MOST of the weeks, admittedly, I could have done better last week but hey ho, lesson learnt!

1st lets catch up on the missed advents –

I did eat my day 14 choc on day 14 but if you’ve read my last weeks blogmas post, you’ll know that it wasn’t my best week! – Blogmas ~ Week 3.

I forgot to mention last week that I had a notification come up on WordPress to tell me congratulations on my 1 year anniversary of being registered with WordPress, I can’t believe it’s been a year! I’ve not been blogging that long, I didn’t know where to start for a few weeks after that!!

Sunday 18th –

Me & Richard went to my brothers wedding, it was a really nice day, he looked happy & he cried while making his vows bless him (love you babes).

The table centre piece –

Todays advents –

Monday 19th –

I did nothing all day apart from watch vlogmas on YouTube or should I say catch up on them?! I also finished this weeks blogmas posts, I did one for every day this week (aren’t I good? Hehe)!

Todays advents –

Tuesday 20th –

I started wrapping my christmas presents today – yep, you heard me right, STARTED!! Hehe. Tonight me & Richard had a takeaway & watched Harry Potter 1 & 2.

That’s all we did all day! I’m loving these relaxing days!

Todays advents –

Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd –

On Wednesday at 12:41 & I’ve just been catching up on vlogmas on YouTube & doing the washing (how exciting? Hehe)! I was originally going to go into town to get Richards christmas pressies but my pay check online said payday was the 22nd, so I didn’t bother going.

I finally actually decided to check my bank about 2pm (ish) & I had indeed been paid (oh my goodness, I could’ve been town & back by now! Hehe), needless to say I went into town to do my christmas shopping.

More wrapping along with more Harry Potter.

I done our annual snacks table today –


You wouldn’t think there was only 2 of us, I don’t know why I always get so carried away!!

Thursday my sister picked me up in the morning & we went to do some christmas shopping together, we got food shopping & pressie shopping, we did this together last year & I really enjoyed spending the day with my sister christmas shopping.

Tonight I finished the christmas wrapping for the family, I’ve just got Richards to do now.

Our advents –

Friday 23rd –

I’ve decided to just catch up on my fave youtubers vlogmas cause there’s to many all together (hehe), the others I can just watch as & when!

Richards sister came over today with his nephew & her fella, it was really good to see them & Richard loves seeing his nephew. She makes us a christmas cake –

I went to do my food shopping tonight, wow I really dislike food shopping! I can’t wait to have my christmas lunch though!

It took ages in Morrisons to sort my vouchers out though!

Todays advents –

I gave Richard my jelly beans, I definitely don’t like the cappuccino flavour!

Saturday 24th –

I’ve got no idea why but I woke up at 3.50 today! I did have a nap on the sofa for about 1 1/2 hrs.

Richard went into town to finish off his shopping today (I did warn him! Hehe), while he was gone, I put on a christmas film & wrapped his presents. When Richard got back from town, we went back to bed for a nap! Hehe. I put some christmas bedding on when we woke up –


Tonight, me & Richard had our christmas eve tradition of nibbles eating & watched the Nativity – it was a really good film but not like I expected it to be! I was surprised I couldn’t find Elf on Netflix!

Todays advents –

Richards chocolate advent calendar had 25 days –


Richards day 25 choc advent

Richards completed Lego advent calendar –

I’m so glad I got this for him, he loved it, he’s such a big kid really & that’s one of the reasons why I love him so much & why we go so well together.

Wowsa, I can’t believe I actually did Blogmas in my 1st year of blogging, I actually feel really proud of myself! Hehe. It’s been hard work but I’ve loved it. I didn’t get all the posts I wanted to up & I didn’t blog every day like I wanted to when I originally decided to do it but I’m very proud of what I did achieve, well done me, yay! If I’m still blogging next year, then who knows, it may be more professional!………….Nah, who am I kidding, I reckon I’ll always want to do these life diary blog posts while I’m blogging.

If Blogmas has taught me anything, it’s to not only carry around a pad & pen but also the 5 Ps (planning & preparation, prevents piss poor performance! Hehe).

There probably won’t be another post now until next year, if I get a chance to put one up before the end of the year, I will but don’t get your hopes up!

I hope you’ve had an amazing festive season, have a wonderful christmas & a fabulous start to the new year of 2017.

Bye for now.


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Our christmas eve & christmas morning traditions

Loads of people have lots of traditions, some going back to their childhood. I don’t actually remember if we had any traditions as children but I have a few now, I’m not saying they’ll stay the same forever but right now, they work & I love them.

We don’t have many christmas eve traditions but the ones we do have we enjoy –

We tend to just do nothing all day, I’ll finish off wrapping any of Richards pressies while he’s still in bed.

The afternoon is spent with us just watching christmas TV.

In the evening, we’ll prepare the veg for christmas day lunch – peeled, cut & put in pans of water (apart from the parsnips ). Then we’ll have cheese & crackers while we watch a christmas film.

Christmas eve in 2014 I went to midnight mass & I’d like to do that this year with Richard. We’ll see??

We only have a couple of christmas morning traditions –

I always get up 1st & after I’ve had breakfast & a proper (ground) coffee, I’ll set the table –


When Richard’s up & had his coffee we’ll open presents with a glass of sherry, I don’t think I’ll be having a sherry this year (I’m trying to stay off alcohol at the moment). This can go on for a while (not the sherry drinking though, hehe).

The rest of christmas day is spent like most households, eating, drinking & relaxing.


Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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