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Autumn Bucket List

Hi lovelies,

I don’t actually know anyone else who does a seasonal bucket list apart from YouTubers I watch but I bet loads of people I know have one, they just don’t realise it, you know those times when you think to yourself – over Autumn I want to make apple pie, go apple bobbing, watch fireworks, drink hot chocolate in front of an open fire, bbq or bonfire? Well, that’s a bucket list.

Here’s my Autumn bucket list –

  1. Celebrate Richards birthday
  2. Watch some fireworks
  3. Go to Loughborough fair
  4. Toast marshmallows
  5. Book my works christmas party
  6. Keep a little blog diary on occasion over Autumn
  7. Get all snuggly with fleece pjs & a cup of something hot & tasty (usually coffee or chocolate related)
  8. Watch Hocus Pocus
  9. Watch Practical Magic
  10. Have a girls film night
  11. Eat Autumn inspired food
  12. Make my favourite soups – roasted parsnip & pumpkin & farmhouse veg soup (out of my latest fav cookbook – Eat Smart by 1 of my fave youtubers Niomi Smart
  13. Make chicken stew
  14. Do some Autumn baking
  15. Watch some haunting documentaries
  16. Attempt to watch a scary (ish) film
  17. Buy halloween sweets for the trick or treaters, along with something for a few tricks
  18. Maybe dress up & go trick or treating with the family
  19. Bring a little Autumn indoors
  20. Go walking at the weekend with Richard
  21. Make a list of christmas pressies & go christmas pressie shopping
  22. Write christmas cards
  23. Walk through the Autumn leaves
  24. Set up for doing Blogmas (I don’t even mind if it’s as simple as last years – Blogmas ~ Week 1).
  25. Do a thankful list
  26. Eat some porridge (I’ve not had porridge for ages)
  27. Get excited for Vlogmas (hehe)
  28. Sort out saving stamps & christmas vouchers for christmas food & drink shopping at Morrisons & Tesco
  29. Sort out christmas menu
  30. Plan & book in a family christmas party

So then, that’s my Autumn bucket list, there’s some real exciting things on there & some stuff that will make the up coming seasons a lot easier for me.

A few of these things will go together, so although it may look like a mammoth list, I’ll be able to do a few of these things together, for example – making soup & stew can be combined with eating Autumn inspired food or walking with Richard can be combined with walking through leaves & so on & so on.

Keep Calm & Love Autumn

~ NOTE TO SELF: Print this out & put it on the fridge Sarah! ~

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Bye for now.


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My Spring bucket list

Morning my lovelies.

Welcome Spring

Spring has Sprung & it’s time to start thinking about what to do as the months begin to get warmer.

Spring has sprung

Making a bucket list is a way for me to make a note of the memories I want to create in the passing seasons. They can be as cheap or expensive as you want them to be & some things you can even do for free!

My Winter bucket list was a complete fail, that’s what I get for not referring to it over the Winter months! Winter was a busy season! Spring will be different, it’s going to be even more busy but with activities that I’m putting on my bucket list.

My Spring bucket list –

  • Celebrate my mother on mothers day
  • Get our seeds planted
  • Help Richard sort out our garden & get some veg/fruit etc planted
  • Have our 1st BBQ of the year
  • Have our 1st picnic of the year
  • Celebrate my birthday with family & friends – Yay!
  • Go out on a date with Richard
  • Watch the stars
  • Have dinner in the back garden
  • Get our bicycles on the road & go for a bike ride
  • Visit a pick your own farm with my niece & her kiddlies & grab myself some fresh juicy ripe berries
  • Make my own granola (from scratch)
  • Welcome the Spring air into my home
  • Go for a walk around my estate with my camera
  • Do some reading outside
  • Try our local butchers for some good quality meat
  • Try 1 or 2 new Spring inspired recipes
  • Have a lunch date with a family member
  • Have a lunch date with a friend
  • Do a car boot
  • Help organise our Ataxia UK summer fete
  • Have a dabble in minimising my space
  • Host a girls night
  • Host our 1st games night of the year
  • Be a tourist in my own town
  • Buy some flowers to have in the house
  • Have breakfast outside (preferably with Richard)
  • Visit our local nature attractions – Beacon Hill, Bradgate Park & The Outwoods
  • Host an afternoon tea party
  • Celebrate my dads birthday
  • Enjoy my 1st smoothie of the year – here’s my favourite recipe – A taste for a Smooth – Berries go Bananas
  • Try some new smoothie recipes
  • Establish an exercise routine
  • Try out some natural vegan make-up &/or toiletries

I don’t expect to cross everything off my list, all I want is to make some amazing memories.

I hope you’re looking forward to spring, I’m expecting a busy one this year!

Bye for now.

Spring signature 1

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Time Of Year, Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day


I hope everyone’s feeling the love of Valentines week, especially as today is Valentines Day.

Isn’t love amazing?! I’m not just talking about the love of a wife, husband, fiance, fiancée etc, I’m also talking about the love of family & friends. Knowing I’m loved by my family & friends is magical, even on my moody days, I’m guaranteed a laugh & to feel loved. Even all the stuff I face ahead, I feel stronger knowing I’ve got a power house behind me full of my very own cast iron cheerleaders.

My parents, wow, where do I start with my parents (I consider myself extremely lucky to still have both parents as I see so many people living their lives without one or both parents & I consider those people to be the strongest people I know!), my mother is my souls guardian angel, my spirits safe house & even though I’m 40 years old, my dad is still my knight in shining armour, my number 1 man & will be till the day I die.

My darling Richard, you came into my life when I didn’t want you (or any male) to stick around, I denied what you knew for so long & when I realised I loved you, it was like a slap in the face, I wasn’t prepared for it & didn’t want it but here we are, over 5 years later & I still can’t get rid of you! Hehe. No, seriously, you know how I feel about you, you are all the things I wanted in a man & more. I love you. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We all have that one friend you can bare your soul to & not be judged for it, that one person who knows a different side of you to anyone else & who loves you & who you love just like family. Xxxx


This ones for all my loved ones. Xxxx

I truly hope you too know the magic that is love, knowing that no matter what you’re going through, there’s someone who will be cheering you on from the side lines, someone who will hold you up when you literally don’t have the physical or emotional strength to hold yourself up & someone who will make you laugh when all you want to do is cry.

Remember though, while your busy thinking about your loved ones, don’t forget to think about yourself, you should be the most important person in your life, after all, what use are you to anyone (let alone yourself), if you’re a wreck or constantly sad or stressed out?! Show yourself some self love & this counts for the men too, they can be worse than us women for this!

It does annoy me a little that love is so commercialised around this time of year. I feel like people put pressure on themselves to shower their loved one with gifts/flowers etc, you don’t have to you know, you’ll still be loved, it’s not about how much you spend or what you come home to, it’s about feeling loved & showing love & NOT JUST ON VALENTINES DAY!!

I hope have a loved up Valentines Day.


From me to you. Xx

Bye for now.


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Blogmas ~ My festive season bucket list

~ Merry Christmas ~

The festive season has started, how’s everyone getting on with their christmas shopping??

We’ve usually got our christmas dinner sorted & meat ordered by now but we’re a little behind this year, we’ll be ordering it either this weekend or next week & we’ve got a lot of our pressie shopping done too.

I bet you’ve got some amazing plans for the festive season & things are set to get real hectic! Don’t forget to stop for a minute & enjoy it too, the festivities only last a month & you never know what will change by the time christmas comes around again!

Me & Richard are pretty easy when it comes to making festive plans, here’s my festive season bucket list –

  1. Go to a carol service
  2. Enjoy some advent calendars
  3. Make a gingerbread house with Richard
  4. Make mulled wine
  5. Have a go at making free from mince pies
  6. Have a picnic in Queens Park
  7. Go up Beacon Hill with Richard
  8. Do Blogmas & put up at least 5 posts a week during Blogmas?!
  9. Go to the cinema with Richard
  10. Have an amazing time at my brothers wedding
  11. Go walking when it’s so cold you can see your own breath.
  12. Host a christmas party at mums house (so she can be included) – not foodie, just nibbles, mince pies, mulled wine & such
  13. Have a snow ball fight & build a snowman when it snows
  14. Batch cook chicken stew & carrot & coriander soup
  15. Have a real christmas tree

I hope you have a wonderful & not so stressful festive season, full of magical opportunities to make some amazing memories.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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Seasons, Time Of Year

I love Halloween so much!

HALLOWEEN……………………..Oh my, just hearing or saying that word when the season is near fills me with such happiness!

What do I love about Halloween? Wow, where do I begin???…………………………..

I love everything about Halloween, the suspense of it, the effort the trick or treaters make (well, most of them), I love seeing my nieces & nephews at Halloween in their costumes, it makes me very happy……………………………


One of my nephews ready for my brother 30th.

One year, I’d love to go trick or treating with my nieces & nephews, just to dress up & go around with them & soak up the atmosphere, how fab would it be if we could get all of them to go together?! However, I don’t know how Richard would feel treating the trick or treaters that come to our door all night cause they’d still have to be supplied! I really do love to spoil the trick or treaters, I get lots of treats in for them.

I really don’t like the trick or treaters who just put on a mask & expect to look like they’ve made an effort………………sorry to tell ya but you haven’t & it’s OBVIOUS! At least put on a costume with it!

My brother was born on Halloween & we had a Halloween party for his 30th……………………

I really do love this pic of my brother, I thought it really looked the part!

I love the pagan association of All Hallows Eve (although, if someone asked me about it, I wouldn’t feel comfortable enough in having the knowledge to give them a fully appreciative answer).

The fact people always associate ghosts with it.

I love watching Most Haunted Live (when it’s on).

Carved pumpkins……………………….


Richards attempt at carving a pumpkin last year.

My perfect Halloween would be to completely decorate my house, dress up & throw a Halloween party, even inviting the trick or treaters that come with adults in for a little homemade roasted parsnip & pumpkin soup, maybe a game of apple bobbing or a ghost hunt (of sorts) & a glass of something slimy or warming! Hehe.

It’s a shame we don’t all do Halloween at work, I reckon it would look amazing if everywhere was decked out for Halloween, I tell ya, if I owned my own business, it would be covered in Halloween deckies & pumpkins (carved & uncarved), I did do a bit (& it was a little bit too) last year………………………


I dressed up a bit at work last year, this was taken in a café that’s across the road from where I work, she always went to town & was dressed up as Cruella Deville last year.

It’s funny really, parents spend so much time telling their younglings not to take things from strangers & then on Halloween, they’re allowed to fill their boots (so to speak)! Hehe.

What’s your favourite thing about Halloween?


Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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