Our christmas eve & christmas morning traditions

Loads of people have lots of traditions, some going back to their childhood. I don’t actually remember if we had any traditions as children but I have a few now, I’m not saying they’ll stay the same forever but right now, they work & I love them.

We don’t have many christmas eve traditions but the ones we do have we enjoy –

We tend to just do nothing all day, I’ll finish off wrapping any of Richards pressies while he’s still in bed.

The afternoon is spent with us just watching christmas TV.

In the evening, we’ll prepare the veg for christmas day lunch – peeled, cut & put in pans of water (apart from the parsnips ). Then we’ll have cheese & crackers while we watch a christmas film.

Christmas eve in 2014 I went to midnight mass & I’d like to do that this year with Richard. We’ll see??

We only have a couple of christmas morning traditions –

I always get up 1st & after I’ve had breakfast & a proper (ground) coffee, I’ll set the table –


When Richard’s up & had his coffee we’ll open presents with a glass of sherry, I don’t think I’ll be having a sherry this year (I’m trying to stay off alcohol at the moment). This can go on for a while (not the sherry drinking though, hehe).

The rest of christmas day is spent like most households, eating, drinking & relaxing.


Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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