Friday favourites – my 3rd lot of blogposts I loved to post

Hey lovelies,

I hope you've had a fabulous week.

My previous installment.

Here’s the next installment of blogposts that I have various feelings about.

1. I love every season for different reasons, I wonder if they’re the same reasons? (again with the dots?? Oh dear Sarah, I feel like I did it on all of them!).

What each season is for me……………….

We all love a certain season, they all have their own beauty & contain their own importance for the cycle of EVERYTHING! Each season has its own benefits for the things we do & the way we feel, not to mention, the way we eat! Spring is – Beautiful flowers…………………. The smell of spring, for me, is a fresh & clean…

2. During the 1st year I had my blog, I turned it into a diary of sorts in October & December. This is the 1st of the October ones. I’m really looking forward to having a read through these. (yay, one without dots! Well done).

Blogtober ~ Week 1

I had a fab start to Blogtober but didn’t take my camera around with me all week, I need to be more conscious of taking it round with me next week!

3. This stuff is amazing for joint pain.

4. This was my very 1st blogmas post. Again, I’m looking forward to reading these.

5. I put these together because they both share the same memories & feelings for me.

6. I’m sure this is the 1st meme post I posted, I had a laugh posting these, they actually turned into mindful Mondays, which are actually rarely funny now, how’d that happen???

I really hope we both enjoy reading these ones. When you read the blogtober one, feel free to follow on through the rest of them, I sure will be. & probably the blogmas ones too.

Have a glorious weekend.

Bye for now.

~ May God bless you & those you love ~