Blogmas ~ Week 4

Welcome to the last week of Blogmas, this has been bloody hard work! I’ve not always been successful at keeping a proper diary of my days & not all my days have been worth blogging about but I’ve done my best MOST of the weeks, admittedly, I could have done better last week but hey ho, lesson learnt!

1st lets catch up on the missed advents –

I did eat my day 14 choc on day 14 but if you’ve read my last weeks blogmas post, you’ll know that it wasn’t my best week! – Blogmas ~ Week 3.

I forgot to mention last week that I had a notification come up on WordPress to tell me congratulations on my 1 year anniversary of being registered with WordPress, I can’t believe it’s been a year! I’ve not been blogging that long, I didn’t know where to start for a few weeks after that!!

Sunday 18th –

Me & Richard went to my brothers wedding, it was a really nice day, he looked happy & he cried while making his vows bless him (love you babes).

The table centre piece –

Todays advents –

Monday 19th –

I did nothing all day apart from watch vlogmas on YouTube or should I say catch up on them?! I also finished this weeks blogmas posts, I did one for every day this week (aren’t I good? Hehe)!

Todays advents –

Tuesday 20th –

I started wrapping my christmas presents today – yep, you heard me right, STARTED!! Hehe. Tonight me & Richard had a takeaway & watched Harry Potter 1 & 2.

That’s all we did all day! I’m loving these relaxing days!

Todays advents –

Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd –

On Wednesday at 12:41 & I’ve just been catching up on vlogmas on YouTube & doing the washing (how exciting? Hehe)! I was originally going to go into town to get Richards christmas pressies but my pay check online said payday was the 22nd, so I didn’t bother going.

I finally actually decided to check my bank about 2pm (ish) & I had indeed been paid (oh my goodness, I could’ve been town & back by now! Hehe), needless to say I went into town to do my christmas shopping.

More wrapping along with more Harry Potter.

I done our annual snacks table today –


You wouldn’t think there was only 2 of us, I don’t know why I always get so carried away!!

Thursday my sister picked me up in the morning & we went to do some christmas shopping together, we got food shopping & pressie shopping, we did this together last year & I really enjoyed spending the day with my sister christmas shopping.

Tonight I finished the christmas wrapping for the family, I’ve just got Richards to do now.

Our advents –

Friday 23rd –

I’ve decided to just catch up on my fave youtubers vlogmas cause there’s to many all together (hehe), the others I can just watch as & when!

Richards sister came over today with his nephew & her fella, it was really good to see them & Richard loves seeing his nephew. She makes us a christmas cake –

I went to do my food shopping tonight, wow I really dislike food shopping! I can’t wait to have my christmas lunch though!

It took ages in Morrisons to sort my vouchers out though!

Todays advents –

I gave Richard my jelly beans, I definitely don’t like the cappuccino flavour!

Saturday 24th –

I’ve got no idea why but I woke up at 3.50 today! I did have a nap on the sofa for about 1 1/2 hrs.

Richard went into town to finish off his shopping today (I did warn him! Hehe), while he was gone, I put on a christmas film & wrapped his presents. When Richard got back from town, we went back to bed for a nap! Hehe. I put some christmas bedding on when we woke up –


Tonight, me & Richard had our christmas eve tradition of nibbles eating & watched the Nativity – it was a really good film but not like I expected it to be! I was surprised I couldn’t find Elf on Netflix!

Todays advents –

Richards chocolate advent calendar had 25 days –

Richards day 25 choc advent

Richards completed Lego advent calendar –

I’m so glad I got this for him, he loved it, he’s such a big kid really & that’s one of the reasons why I love him so much & why we go so well together.

Wowsa, I can’t believe I actually did Blogmas in my 1st year of blogging, I actually feel really proud of myself! Hehe. It’s been hard work but I’ve loved it. I didn’t get all the posts I wanted to up & I didn’t blog every day like I wanted to when I originally decided to do it but I’m very proud of what I did achieve, well done me, yay! If I’m still blogging next year, then who knows, it may be more professional!………….Nah, who am I kidding, I reckon I’ll always want to do these life diary blog posts while I’m blogging.

If Blogmas has taught me anything, it’s to not only carry around a pad & pen but also the 5 Ps (planning & preparation, prevents piss poor performance! Hehe).

There probably won’t be another post now until next year, if I get a chance to put one up before the end of the year, I will but don’t get your hopes up!

I hope you’ve had an amazing festive season, have a wonderful christmas & a fabulous start to the new year of 2017.

Bye for now.


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