Blogmas ~ My festive season bucket list

~ Merry Christmas ~

The festive season has started, how’s everyone getting on with their christmas shopping??

We’ve usually got our christmas dinner sorted & meat ordered by now but we’re a little behind this year, we’ll be ordering it either this weekend or next week & we’ve got a lot of our pressie shopping done too.

I bet you’ve got some amazing plans for the festive season & things are set to get real hectic! Don’t forget to stop for a minute & enjoy it too, the festivities only last a month & you never know what will change by the time christmas comes around again!

Me & Richard are pretty easy when it comes to making festive plans, here’s my festive season bucket list –

  1. Go to a carol service
  2. Enjoy some advent calendars
  3. Make a gingerbread house with Richard
  4. Make mulled wine
  5. Have a go at making free from mince pies
  6. Have a picnic in Queens Park
  7. Go up Beacon Hill with Richard
  8. Do Blogmas & put up at least 5 posts a week during Blogmas?!
  9. Go to the cinema with Richard
  10. Have an amazing time at my brothers wedding
  11. Go walking when it’s so cold you can see your own breath.
  12. Host a christmas party at mums house (so she can be included) – not foodie, just nibbles, mince pies, mulled wine & such
  13. Have a snow ball fight & build a snowman when it snows
  14. Batch cook chicken stew & carrot & coriander soup
  15. Have a real christmas tree

I hope you have a wonderful & not so stressful festive season, full of magical opportunities to make some amazing memories.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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