Blogtober ~ Week 1

I started this week feeling excited for doing blogtober but also thinking why on earth have I committed to doing it??? My logic behind telling you I was doing it would make me more conscious of it & remind me to take my camera around with me during October! I’m aiming to do the weeks from Sundays to Saturdays. I’m new to doing this, so my weeks won’t contain everyday throughout that week!

Saturday the 1st –

I got up at 6:45 (goodness knows why???). We had planned to go into town but when it came to it, I just couldn’t be bothered. Saturday night, I went out with my 2 oldest friends, we went to a pub called The Ring ‘O’ Bells for food, I really did enjoy my choice of food, I had gammon (yes, those of you who know me, will not be surprised), had I thought about it, there would be a food pic here. Oh well, lesson learnt! We had a few cocktails & the pub had a motown disco on. It was an incredible night, 2 of us did spend a lot of time talking about body language & how the human mind works, which, I found sooo interesting, it’s actually made me want to find out more! I’m often thinking, why do they say things like that, why do they act like that, I notice little differences in peoples behaviour & wonder what they’re reacting to?? When I got home, I basically talked Richards ears off! Hehe. Bless him. I truly feel blessed to still have these two in my life after all these years (over 30 years), we haven’t always agreed & we haven’t always been in each others lives, cause of moving around etc but we’ve ended up in the town we started off in & it’s very comforting that they’re there. We did manage to get a few pics or, should I say the other 2 did, when they got their phone out, I thought I might as well pinch 1 of theirs!……………………………………


Monday the 3rd –

The 1st day of term (I work at a uni) & luckily, it wasn’t as busy as I had anticipated, which was nice, I like to be eased into the madness that is the 1st term of the uni year! Hehe. I really am loving the fact that it’s Autumn, this season makes me so happy. There’s 2 trees on our uni campus that make me happy through the different seasons & this is one of them………………………………………….

Taken this morning (3rd) on the way to work.

Wednesday the 5th –

I did a blog post for Friday, it’s one for how I make my porridge, I really do love porridge, strange really cause I haven’t always liked it, I remember hating it years ago & thinking it’d be one thing that I’d never like! Now, I really do love it, I want to try it with a nut butter though, I’m addicted to watching YouTube videos & one of my favourite YouTubers has it with nut butters, sounds delish.

Do you like porridge, if so, how do you have yours?

Thursday the 6th –

My darling mothers 78th birthday today & I went round to see her, my sister & my nieces (my sisters granddaughters) were there too. My sister wanted to treat everyone to food, I didn’t want any but listening to them lot trying to decide what to eat was rather humorous! Hehe. They opted for a McDonalds in the end (mums suggestion), the kiddlies enjoyed it…………………………………..

Always up for a pose.
We’re all part of the same gene pool. Hehe.

Well, it’s Friday the 7th –

End of the 1st week of our universitys busiest term & this week was by no means an ease into the busy term, the week soon picked up, I’m cream crackered. I really do enjoy most things about my job, don’t get me wrong, I still have a moan about things but don’t we all, in the grand scheme of things, there actually isn’t that much to moan about, apart from being short-staffed! I really dislike unreliable people & why do people feel the need to milk a sickness for all it’s worth!

I know I’ve said it before & you’re going to hear it a few times over blogtober but I really do love this season, it really does make me feel warm & fuzzy, strange really, for saying it’s a cold season! Hehe.

That tree that I took a pic of on Monday, has changed so much just over this week that I’m aiming to take a pic of it every Monday morning throughout blogtober to show how much it’s changing, yes, you may think I’m a boring fart but that sort of thing makes me very happy, the best interior (well exterior) designer is mother nature!

Saturday the 8th –

A few of us went for a birthday meal for my mum today, we went to the same pub I went to last Saturday, It was fab seeing the people we went with………………………………………

I know it’s an old one but I never managed to get one of them over my mums birthday week & I do love this photo.
Can you tell my fella don’t always like having his pic taken?? Hehe, bless him.
My darling sis & brother-in-law.
Me & one of my precious nieces.
I love this one of my sis & niece together.

Lesson clearly not learnt from last Saturday cause there’s no foodie pic! Hehe. Try again next week. I was a little disappointed with the food today & Richard’s never impressed with that pub, he’s not had a meal he’s enjoyed yet!

Me & Richard spent Saturday night watching christmas movies……………………oh how I love christmas.

3 things I learnt this week –

  1. That I actually really do love this body spray soooooo much My Autumn Scent, I’ve run out & it actually made me sad! I’m hoping to go town tomorrow & if I do, I’m going to get some. I might even have a look to see if I can find the scent spray………………..YAY! I don’t care if it’s cheap as chips, I lurve it!
  2. That I’m more interested in why we (humans) behave the way we do more than I thought I was
  3. That bullies are hideous creatures!!!

I hope you had an amazing week. See you next week. Xx

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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