Friday favourites – my 1st lot of blogposts I loved to post

Hey lovelies,

I hope you’ve had a fabulous week.

I can’t believe I’ve written 175 blogposts, it’s been an amazing journey, I’ve cried with some, vented on occasion, giggled with some & full on belly laughed with others. I’ve blogged about most things, from my latest favourite products to a review of something, from blogging about wanting a baby, to the death of my mum, to becoming a Christian.  I’m pretty much an open book most of the time, I’m not good at hiding my feelings.……much to my bosses dismay (praise God for their patience). I’ll be honest, I can’t believe some of the things I blogged about over the last 4 (ish) years, I mean???……..I’ve blogged about nail varnish & worse………wet wipes (baby wipes), wow Sarah, why on earth?? I have considered taking some down but I just think, oh well, there all part of my blogging journey. I’m sure I used to blog mainly in pictures, with not many words?? Oh how things change.

I thought I’d try something new today, some the following blogposts are posts that I remember really enjoying writing, I remember being nervous to post some of them at the time & some I remember actually laughing at the memories attached to the activities in the posts. Others, I have absolutely no idea what they’re about?? So we’re going to find out together!

One thing I would like to do one day, is go through my old favourite product posts & just see if there’s anything that I still use now…….yep, that’s going to be a future blogpost.

The posts range from tags to some diary blogging, with a pick ‘n’ mix bag in between. I hope you have a giggle reading them. While writing these posts I’ve laughed & cried.

Here’s some of the posts that I’ve wrote

They’re in date order starting from the oldest one.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – I couldn’t miss out this one because it was the 1st post I wrote.

MY WHITE ELEPHANT ~ It’s very personal! – I remember this being hard to share but really feeling like I should do.

Desert Island Book Tag – I remember laughing my head off while writing this blogpost (I can’t wait to read this).

What my fella thinks of it………………. – Thinks about what????? No idea what this was about.

I’m finding a whole new meaning for patience!!! – My patience is definitely better than it was but that’s not through anything I’ve done but through the help I receive everyday form the Holy Spirit.

A gift from me to you…………………. – If this is the one I think it is, it’s one of my favourite posts I’ve done, purely because of the memories attached to what I blogged about.

My original plan was to do my 10 favourite posts but I’m telling you, trying to narrow it down to just 10 wasn’t easy, I ended up choosing 30 altogether, which, out of 175 I didn’t think was bad going. I’ve decided that in addition to grouping the Blogtober & Blogmas together, I’m going to split them up & share them over the coming weeks, I was going to make it 10 each week but I think that’s still abit much, so I’ve decided to do 6 per week. That means I’m going to have to have patience & not read ahead to them, which I won’t but you won’t know that, you’re just going to have to trust that I won’t!

I really hope you enjoy them. I chose most of these posts based completely on how I remember feeling while writing them, the rest on the fact that I can’t remember them & I’ve deliberately not reread them until after this post goes live because I wanted only the memory of how I felt to influence my decision. I’m really looking forward to reading them, I wonder how I’ll feel reading them now, I don’t very often read my blogposts after they’ve gone live but I’m already smiling at a couple I remember.

I hope you have a glorious weekend.

Bye for now.

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