I just can’t stay away

Hey lovelies,

I hope you’re well as you read this & had a fabulous week.

It’s been over a year since my last blog post & after just reading my last few, I had to go in & change a few things on it – links that no longer work, things I said like…telling you I was going to put a post up every week for the next 5 weeks…!

This post is to give you an update on me & to say that I’m going to be putting up the rest of those blog posts I said I would last year, I’m not making any promises about how long I’m going to be posting for, I’m going to be taking one blog post at a time.

Once I’ve put up those posts I started last year, I have got a couple of ideas for other blog posts, well, actually…..one of the ideas could very well lead to numerous posts but we’ll see???

Mine & Richards wedding was planned for last August 28th, it never happened, we had to postpone it to this year, so it is now booked for August 28th this year, we also moved last December 4th too, only around the corner from my dads house, so not too far away.

I hope you have a glorious weekend.

Bye for now.

~ May God bless you & those you love ~