What my fella thinks of it…

Whenever my blog posts go up, I’m always hopeful that people will read & enjoy them, I do know that my fiancé Richard reads them & that’s without being asked to! Surprisingly! Hehe.

My post *I love to love these things* ~ Part 1 features a number of products & Richard decided to try one of them & that product is…

Aqueous Cream
Aqueous Cream

I asked him if he’d be willing to give an opinion on the above product after he’d been using it & this is what he said…

I 1st asked him what made him choose to try this product & he told me that he gave it a try to see if it would help with his dry scalp.

My next question was to see if he thought it was any good & he thought it was very good.

My last question was to ask him if he would recommend this product to anyone else & he said he certainly would & when I asked him why…he simply said “it works”!!

This is how he uses it…whilst in the shower, he shampoos & rinses 1st, he then rubs the cream onto his scalp & after he’s washed his body, he rinses it all off. He now uses it in the shower once a week.

Here’s a link for a tub incase you want to give it a go yourself, the cheapest place I found it was in Savers – Aqueous Cream.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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