Do you suffer with body pain??? Try this…

It’s so easy to pop a pain-killer down our necks for aches & pains but surely there comes a time when we need to stop popping the pills & try something more gentle on our bodies???

I’ve suffered with body pain, back pain mostly for a little while now but the last year has seen it get a little more intense, I’ve tried many pain killers over time, I’ve tried the off the shelf heat rubs but they have either been too intense a stink (wow, some of them stink BAAAAAD!!!), some of them take ages to sink into the skin, making it impossible to just put it on & just relax, which when you’ve got a bad back, is essential (I’m not the most patient of people, I want it yesterday) & some of them, I just don’t like the way they feel on my skin.

The product is the Aloe Heat Lotion from Forever Living & admittedly, I was skeptical as to how much the Aloe Heat Lotion would actually help, after all it’s just another heat lotion right??? Wrong (as it turns out), it covers all the above bases for me………… didn’t stink anywhere near as bad as the others I’ve tried (tip for you though – DON’T put too much on in one go, I did that the 1st time I used it & wowsa, it stinks then! Hehe), because it’s made with aloe vera, it’s more natural than the normal stuff, it soaked into my skin extremely fast which I LOVED (it’s a patience thing), it didn’t feel weird on my skin & it works.  I was paying extra attention when I 1st started using it to see how long it would take to work, how it worked & if it irritated my skin at all & I found that it worked fast – soaked in fast & my pain begin to ease within 30 mins, it worked really well & never irritated my skin………………..BONUS!!!

There’s only one thing that would’ve originally put me off buying this product had I not tried it 1st & that’s the price, it’s not as cheap as off the shelf heat creams/lotions from the shops but there’s a reason for that………………it’s more natural (Aloe Vera has incredible healing properties), it soaks in incredibly fast (I never found an off the shelf heat lotion that did that), doesn’t offend your nasal passage like the shop bought ones & it works.

Here’s the link you’ll need – Forever Endeavour – it’s the facebook page of whom gave me this product to try, go say hi, don’t be shy, she doesn’t bite. She can give you all the info you need about this product & lots more.

My fella tried it last week & he said it made his skin feel cool, I’m glad it wasn’t just me, I thought I was being a weirdo for saying it’s called a heat lotion! Hehe. It didn’t heat up my skin but it was like I could feel it warming my back on the inside.

If you try it or have tried it, I’d love to hear what you think.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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