My Winter bucket list round-up fail!

Hey you lovely people.

I hope you have had an amazing Winter, it wasn’t that bad was it? It’s been a lot colder in Loughborough this Winter. I’ve loved watching my surroundings change over the Winter period & seeing the 1st buds coming through –


Well, we didn’t have any snow, much to my displeasure!

Winter was a complete bust in regard to my bucket list, I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to over the months but I did make some lovely memories along the way –

We had 2 new additions join our family.

Off my bucket list – I got Yankee stuff for christmas, so we’ve been burning candles all season & I love the smell of most of them.

One lesson I did learn from this was to print off my bucket list & stick it where I can see it!

I hope you have a fabulous week & welcome the Spring with a smile.

Bye for now.


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