Forever Living Clean9 Detox ~ My day 9

Morning my lovelies.


I honestly can’t believe I lasted the whole 9 days!

Morning – I had my gel, shake & supplements.

Mid-morning – I didn’t need anything.

Lunch time – I had a chicken salad & supplements.

Afternoon – I had my fiber sachet.

Dinner time –I had eggs. An Apple & orange. Plus my supplements.

Evening – more water.

Did I drink my water allowance – I had 6.

Did I manage to get any exercise done today – not today.

How I’ve been feeling today – I can’t believe I forgot my almond milk, I left it at work & my shaker, luckily, I had a shaker from the 1st time I did a C9.

I’m bummed about the fact that I didn’t lose any weight & yet I was telling everyone that I wasn’t doing it for the weight loss!

I’m so happy that I lost so many inches though, it just goes to show you that, even when the scales say – nope, not this week, you could’ve actually lost in inches!


My stats (in stone & inches) –

  • Weight – 15.6
  • Chest – 41 1/4
  • Biceps – 11
  • Waist – 47
  • Hips – 47 1/2
  • Thighs – 26 1/4
  • Calves – 13 3/4


I do hope you have an amazing, relaxing Sunday.

Bye for now.


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