Blogtober ~ Week 2

Here’s week 1 – Blogtober ~ Week 1

Sunday the 9th –

This morning I woke up at 6:30 (stupid o’clock), I got woke up by a snoring beast (hehe), then my bladder decided it wanted a trip to the loo & by then, I’d properly woken up!

I spent the morning watching 2015 Vlogmas on YouTube, I really do love it.

Monday the 10th –

Monday always comes around far to quickly! I do however (believe it or not) love the walk to work in the morning.

Mondays pic of my fave tree en-route to work.

I was really surprised how the tree had changed so much in just 1 week!

Me & Richard have been burning Autumn candles the last few days & I lurve it.

When I got home from work today, I decided to quickly sort the front room out. I’m so glad I finally got round to doing it, although it’s not quite finished but near enough!

My Autumn & Winter blanket stash.

How many people have 2 piggin printers??? Richard wants us to keep both of them, the grey one is the oldest & only works for printing photos (when we have photo paper) but the white one is perfect, we just need to get some ink. RAMBLING!!!…………….Soz.

Wednesday the 12th –

Today I had a dentist appointment, I had a wisdom tooth out, I didn’t even know I had any until about a month ago, how hilarious is that! Hehe. It actually came out really easy, which made me feel really silly because I made such a big deal about having it out when I 1st got there!!! IDIOT! I tell you something, the bloody injection hurt a hell of a lot more than actually having the tooth out! I also took strong painkillers before I went (I’m such a wimp when it comes to the dentist!), I came out feeling quite groggy.

When I got home, I spent a little time talking to my dad & Richard, it was raining when I came out of the dentist, which resulted in a rainbow………………………

Taken from my back door.

When dad went home, I went to lie down with my laptop in bed & stayed there for about 3 hours.

Thursday the 13th –

Today I woke up far to early, Richard didn’t wake me up but he did keep me awake, he snores like a bloody beast sometimes. Hehe. I feel a little better than I did yesterday, still sore & groggy but better. I made homemade carrot & coriander soup, it’s really nice but I do think it needs more carrot & less coriander.

I went round my sisters, she’s been ill in hospital, which might I add, she never told anyone about but she’s on the mend now but she does need more tests.

When I got home, I finished tomorrows blog post.

Friday the 14th –

I literally spent most of the day doing nothing but watching Vlogmas on YouTube & dropping asleep, I must have rewound the same video about 3 times! Hehe.

Saturday the 15th –

Me & Richard went into town today (finally).

We went to Nero, I’ve only been there twice before, I actually think it’s better than Costa because the Costa in Loughborough is really busy, which is a good thing for business but from a customer point of view, you can never find anywhere to sit & if you do, don’t pull your chair out to far or to quick because you’ll likely hit the persons chair on the table behind you! Nero in Loughborough has plenty of space for more tables but they choose not to & as a result, it’s more inviting, you get a comfy more private table to relax & chat, also, I actually think it may be cheaper! Today I had a gingerbread latte made with soya milk with cinnamon sprinkled on top (mmmmmm…………..yummy), it was delish & Richard had a (boring) coffee.

I finally got hold of my favourite bodyspray for this time of year, so I brought 3, they’re only 88p from Superdrug at the mo………………….

My Autumn Scent

My favourite coffee stall was on the market today & I got 2 of my favourites & a new one for us to try – Christmas Coffee, Cinnamon Stix (both our faves) & Gingerbread (the new addition to our coffee family)…………………….


Like I said a few days ago, we’ve been burning candles lately & today we brought 2 new Yankee Candles – Autumn Nights……………….

Literally does smell like the Autumn air.

……………………..& Red Apple Wreath which, unmistakably, smells like Christmas. Oh dear, over the past week, I’ve managed to develop a Yankee Candle addiction!

I went into Holland & Barrett whilst in town, just to pass time while Richard was in the travel agents (he was getting brochures for tours of Peru) & I happened upon some chocolate flavoured tea – yes, you heard me right, chocolate flavoured tea, well, actually it’s chocolate, liquorice & cinnamon flavoured! I’ve had a craving for macaroni cheese for a little while now but being lactose intolerant, it isn’t easy to just make some, so imagine my delight when I spotted dairy free cheese sauce in H & B…………………………


When we got home, I wasted no time in getting into my lounging clothes & putting on some soft comfy socks, I decided to put on a pair of my christmas fleece sockies………………………….


……………………….they are soooooo comfy. Richard made our dinner – starter of BBQ chicken wings, then chicken & chorizo ravioli (it was nice but I couldn’t really taste the chorizo) with a tomato & bacon sauce, followed by a belgium bun (nom nom). We watched Zootropolis, it was a film I’d been wanting to watch for a little while, it was really good but not as funny as I expected.

What I learnt this week –

I need to write each day up as it happens, this week I started the week on Sunday & then left the whole week until Thursday! I just kept thinking……………oh, it’s ok, I’ll remember what I want to say! Well,  I didn’t………..sorry this week isn’t very wordy, I hope the amount of pics I took & the effort I made on Saturday made up for the lack of work I did on previous days.

I hope you had an amazing week.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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