Forever Living Clean9 Detox ~ My day 2

Morning my lovelies.

I hope everyone is loving the weekend.


Right then, here’s day 2.

Morning – I had my aloe gel, again with freshly squeezed orange juice & my supplements. A few grapes.

Mid-morning – A pear.

Lunch time – I had my aloe gel, supplements & shake, I used almond milk today & it was better.

Afternoon – I had my fiber sachet earlier than yesterday. Apple & a few grapes.

Dinner time – I’ve had my aloe gel & supplements.

Evening – I had my last aloe gel & I had it neat – I had a few grapes after each 60ml but still…….it was neat!

Did I drink my water allowance – I had 6, I just can’t seem to get to number 7! Hehe.

How I’ve been feeling today – I was expecting a lot of pain today & whilst I was in bed this morning, I could feel my joints hurting & I had a headache which actually started last night. After I got out of bed, I didn’t feel the pain I felt last time! I have been using my Aloe Heat Lotion loads this morning (Still loving Aloe Heat Lotion).

I haven’t felt much pain today but the hangriness has been doing my nut in, all I’ve wanted all day is a pizza!! Oh & I started my period today, oh yay, what fun!

Well, time for bed & I’m pleased it wasn’t as bad as last time but the headache is worse than earlier.

The hangriness wasn’t constant all day (thank goodness) it went away for a few hours but came back. At least it’s not around now I’m going bed.


I hope you have an amazing day.

Bye for now.


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