10 things I love about Spring

Hey my lovelies.

I hope you’re having a top Tuesday.

Here’s a post that will hopefully make you excited for the future Spring months & forget the fact that the Easter break is over.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons with respect to the outdoor changes it brings, it’s full of excitement & promise, the 1st days of more sun, to enable us to have more time outdoors doing 1 of many things we have planned for the warmer months. I love many things about this season, this post lists but a few.

Here’s 10 things I love about Spring –

Seeing the change in season

I just love the difference in my surroundings when Spring comes around, I feel like Spring is one of the 2 best seasons for real outdoor changes of colours & smells, along side Autumn.

Winter Pic
Morning sun sparkle (2)
Spring Pic


The above pics were taken of the same spot, the only difference being that I was standing in a difference place for the Spring shot.

You know the days when the sun’s on your face & the air smells fresh & clean? It fills my heart with such joy. The seasons make me so happy.

Planting season

Spring is the season that me & Richard plan on getting our garden in order & planting our veg & seedlings. I’m looking forward to reaping what we sow. I’m going to enjoy planting & nurturing the things we grow for our plates.

1st BBQ of the year

Me & Richard love to BBQ & Richards just bought a new BBQ to smoke meat in, I’m looking forward to our 1st BBQ of the year & trying out Richards BBQ cooking on his new BBQ (he does a mean barby). Outdoor cooking is always fun, it’s social, relaxing & entertaining. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to be a little adventurous with the food – side dishes as well as the BBQ food (wowsa, how many times did I say BBQ???).


I do love outdoor socialising & really enjoy picnics, especially with family & friends in wide open nature spaces. I’ve just ordered a new picnic hamper & can’t wait to see what it’s like, I’m looking forward to going on a picnic this year, I’m even thinking of getting everyone together to go on one for my birthday at the end of the month.

More daylight

You got to love these longer hours of sunlight, I’m enjoying sitting out in the garden after work & just chatting away to Richard with a cuppa, we’ve had dinner out in the garden a couple of times already since the start of Spring. Also, more daylight means more planting & growing hours.

My mother actually leaves the house to socialise with the family

My mum has been ill for a few months now & hasn’t been able to socialise in the colder months, it’s not been very nice for her but now the warmer weather is coming, we’re all looking forward to her getting out more, her & dad came round 2 Thursdays ago & it was a treat to see her in my house after about 7-8 months.

Salads & smoothies

My favourite foods to eat in the warmer months are BBQ food & picnic foods but you can’t do that every day, so day-to-day my favourite things to consume are salads & smoothies, I have salad everyday at work & my favourite smoothie recipe is this one I did last year – A taste for a Smoothie………….Berries go Bananas, I’m on the hunt for a new favourite this year.

Not having to wear a massive Winter coat

A good warm coat is heaven-sent in the colder months but in those days right after Winter & Spring has sprung but it feels like Spring’s having an identity crisis & thinks it’s still Winter, you know the ones, when you go to work & it’s freezing, so you wear you’re huge Winter coat but by the time you finish work, it’s so warm you really could do with out a huge coat on your back! I love not having to wear a huge coat on my shoulders & being able to wear my lighter jackets & cardigans.

Switching out my Autumn & Winter wardrobe for my Spring & Summer one

If you have a capsule wardrobe (of sorts), you’ll know what I mean, I don’t have a ‘proper’ capsule wardrobe, I have a 6 month rotation, I put away the colder months lot & replace with the warmer months lot, I love getting my Spring & Summer wardrobe, plus accessories etc out & putting away my Autumn & Winter stuff. Because you’ve not seen them for 6 months, it’s like you’ve just been & got yourself a whole new wardrobe! I love it. I put EVERYTHING away, example – for my Autumn & Winter wardrobe etc, I’ve put away my jumpers, jeans, long trousers, christmas wear, long trouser pjs, fleece pjs, long socks, dark lippy & nail polish, even my favourite Autumn & Winter scent.

Having time off work over Easter

I’m sure everyone likes having time off work. I enjoy time off over easter because me & Richard go to see his mum for a few days, also, we spend time in the garden giving it some full on & much-needed attention.

Morning sun sparkle
What do you love about Spring??

I hope you have an amazing week.

Bye for now.

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