A weekend in history for my 40th

I recently turned 40 & I knew I wanted to spend it with people I love & in a very special way, in 2006 I went to a beautiful place, full of history called Coombe Abbey for a night of history magic & fun to celebrate my sisters 40th, so I knew I wanted to do it for my 40th.

It was incredible, we had so much fun…………………….the 1st 5 are on the night & the last 5 are of the day after……………………..

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On the night, we had a 4 course medieval banquet in the Abbeygate, which is not in the main building but only a short walk through the grounds, which consisted of a veggie broth with bread or in my case, tomato soup (lactose intolerant) for starter, rib of swine (pork rib) for 2nd course, roast chicken with jacket spud, salad & coleslaw for main course & a desert of apple & apricot crumble, all washed down with lots of beer & wine that came with the meal. During the meal, we enjoyed a medieval show that was put on, it was soooooo funny, full of adult humour & sarcasm! I loved it & cried from laughing so much! All the staff were amazing & so attentive. Not one member of staff weavered from their part to play in our experience all night, they all kept their roles in line with the medieval theme, even to the point of a couple of them not answering anything because of a vow of silence (no matter what they were asked! Hehe). The room was so comfy & the bed was HUGE!

The morning after, we had breakfast (in the cost of the room) inside the main hall conservatory, which consisted of buffet style full english – bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, grilled tomato, tinned tomatoes, beans, black pudding & fried bread, you had an option of either brown or white bread for toast, a choice of jams in little cute one serving pots, you could also choose from fresh fruit, flavoured yoghurt pots, fruit salad, natural yoghurt & granola. To drink, you had a choice of coffee, tea, orange or apple juice & even some kind of fizz! You could go up as many times as you wanted & have a sample of EVERYTHING if you so desired!

The whole experience cost me & Richard £209 for the 2 of us, which I think, for what we got, is amazing!

I loved every minute I was there, me & Richard both said that if it was possible to get addicted to an experience………………this would be our addiction!

The only regret I have is not getting everyone to properly dress up & fully emerge ourselves in the experience!

Coombe Abbey itself is full of history & everywhere I went, I just wanted to take loads of piccies, here’s a few I did take……………………

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If you’re into your history & love new experiences, you’ll DEFINITELY want to give this a go, especially if you love adult humour & sarcasm! They have a massive choice of rooms between the main hall & the outer buildings, there’s something for everyone!

Here’s the Coombe Abbey website.

Here’s the Coombe Abbey facebook page.

Here’s the Coombe Abbey Twitter page.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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