Summer is upon us..!

Well, it’s officially the summer now!

What do I want out of this summer…?

I want to make lots of glorious memories, I’ve already got the year pretty much planned out, not just summer!

The Summer Solstice is an amazing time of year & definitely worth celebrating, I’m to late for this year but next year, I intend to throw a summer party for the summer solstice, either that or you’ll find me at Stonehenge! Either way, I’m definitely doing something so celebrate the turn of the season!

Here’s a post that will give you a little info about having the Stonehenge experience on the Summer Solstice. A gift from me to you…

My Summer Bucket List –

Meet Richards extended family for the 1st time

Lose a bit of weight

Host a BBQ

Go on a family picnic up Bradgate Park

Go on a family picnic in Queens Park

Go walking with Richard

Have a romantic picnic for 2

Host an evening potluck picnic

Toast marshmallows

Find my perfect summer smoothie

Go swimming

Visit Colchester – visit a friend, take Richard to see Colchester Castle & go to West Mersea.

Sit in a beer garden & soak up the atmosphere

Go up Beacon Hill

Make a new summer recipe

Make S’mores

Watch the sun go down

Go for a walk before 7am

Have a picnic at sun down

Go to the beach

Go on a boat

I intend on making a season bucket list on the turn of each season.

I’m really looking forward to this summer & making some amazing memories, I’m going to need to stock up on batteries for my camera because i’m going to be taking it just about everywhere!

Why don’t you go ahead & make a summer bucket list of your own, if you do & have some ideas that I haven’t listed, I’d love to hear them.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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  1. What I want to do now is make some kind of crafty item so that I can actually see each thing i’ve got on my bucket list & tear each off in turn as I do them. If I manage to do that, i’ll do a post & share it with you. X


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