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Blogmas Day #3 | My festive bucket list

Just a few things I'd like to do over the festive season.

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Autumn Bucket List

What I want to do over Autumn. I hope I manage to do more than I did off my Summer one.

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My Autumn Scent

You know that feeling when you smell a scent & it immediately reminds you of something so incredible, it'll stay with you forever??? I have many things (possessions) in my life that bring me joy, a few of which remind me of different times in my life & they bring me feelings of happiness! There's one thing… Continue reading My Autumn Scent

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I truly love Christmas and everything about it! It's such a magical time of year. The only thing I wish I could get that is out of my control is a white snowy Christmas! Mmmmmm..........lovely jubbly snow! Christmas is a hectic time for most. Above all, it's full of wonder and amazement. I love to soak up the entire festive season and… Continue reading It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year