My Autumn Scent

You know that feeling when you smell a scent & it immediately reminds you of something so incredible, it’ll stay with you forever??? I have many things (possessions) in my life that bring me joy, a few of which remind me of different times in my life & they bring me feelings of happiness!

There’s one thing I own however that, when I use it, it immediately puts a smile on my face & transports me to a time in the year that encompasses all the things I adore!

If you’ve watched the twilight saga, you’ll get it when I say this but you know that scene right at the end of the entire saga, where Bella is showing Edward her memories by transporting his mind on a journey through them? Well, that’s exactly what this product does for me! The second the scent hits my nose, I immediately feel contented, an uncontrollable smile appears on my face & my mind goes on a trip down memory lane!

The reason I love this product so much is because it immediately transports me to one of my favourite seasons – Autumn, always reminding me of all the fun that time of year brings for me.

  • It’s the anniversary of meeting my darling Richard
  • Halloween, trick or treaters & watching Most Haunted Live on Halloween.
  • Fireworks & bonfire night with minted mushy peas. Me & Richard usually throw a fireworks party (although, we’re having the year off this year! Hehe).
  • THE FAIR comes to our local town & I love, love, love it – with roasted chestnuts. Hehe.
  • My homemade stew, rice crispie treats, roasted parsnip & pumpkin soup

Not to mention the excitement my senses go through during both seasons…………….the smell of mulled wine on the stove, cinnamon on or in ANYTHING, freshly baked mince pies, the fair. There’s a smell in the air that can never be replaced during Autumn.

 I would absolutely love to do a blog post on a friend or family members home I visited over the festive season that was full of christmas deccies!!!

It’s a time of year for celebrations & lots of forward planning for the year ahead!

You’re probably wondering what the product is by now (or did the huge pic give it away? Hehe), so, is the suspense killing you yet??? Hehe.

Here it is…………………..

So…? For Me. Only For One body fragrance

This 1 SINGLE product makes me extremely happy!

I really hope that some of you give this a try, if you do, I’d be interested to know what you think. Likewise, if you have a scent that you love for Autumn, I’d love to know what it is so I can give it a sniff.

Bye for now.


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