Works Christmas Party

This year we had our christmas party at a 4 star hotel on our uni campus, the hotel is called Burleigh Court.

There’s plenty of parking & a drop off area right outside the entrance –

Check-in on Saturday is from 2pm & I arrived at the hotel around 4pm, there’s a view from the entrance that I just love – fields & trees (I love nature – mother natures beauty).

 The reception area is bright & airy –


My 1st impression of the hotel was one of comfort & space. I was greeted by smiling friendly staff. They even had a bowl of fruit on reception for you to help yourself to (which I thought was a lovely touch).

Check-in was quick & easy.

The christmas tree in the reception was huge –


My room was easy to find & once I put the card key in the right way, easy to get in to! Hehe.

My 1st impression of the room was…………….wow –


The room looked clean & tidy, 1st detail missing (for me) was one of those cupboard things (don’t know how else to describe them, hehe) to put your suitcase on, I had to immediately empty my suitcase out because I didn’t fancy bending down to the floor every 10 minutes!

I had folded towels & toiletries laid out on the bed for me –


Does anyone take them home with them? I don’t know why but I didn’t even think to do that! Hehe.

As well as your hotel usual bits, there was a little list of extras that were available & it tickled me, so I wanted to show you –

Sorry it’s not completely in focus (getting used to my new phone).

Although, I thought robes would come as standard in a 4 star hotel??

I got ready & went to the restaurant for our party, my 1st impression of the bar & restaurant was that it was cosy & welcoming. I forgot to take a photo – blogging fail!

2nd detail missing (for me) was that I was told the drink I wanted wasn’t available, yet there were 2 bottles of it on display & no-one offered to put one of them in the fridge to chill so I could have it later (is that expecting to much & should I have asked them to do that?)!

The food was divine, we had a 3 course dinner –

I loved my starter & main, the christmas pudding was absolutely delicious, the only thing missing (3rd detail missing for me) was something to go with the pudding other than fruit, I’m lactose intolerant & I got very excited when I asked if they had vegan ice cream to have with it & was told yes but turned out they hadn’t (  😦  sad face).

We danced, the DJ was great & we had a photo booth full of props that printed off the photos there & then for free –


The hilarious thing is that all night we were looking at the wrong place for the shots & right near the end of the night, we say where do we look & he points to a spot that says LOOK HERE!!! what a bunch of plonkers!

We had an amazing night.

Went back to my room, it took me ages to go to sleep, it was definitely gone 3am!

As I went to get into bed I noticed the 4th detail missing for me & it was something that really surprised me for the quality that one would’ve expected from a 4 star hotel –


The duvet was split on the seem. It amazed me, had it not been about 3am & just as I was about to get into bed, I would have gone to tell a member of staff & had I done so, I know it would have been changed immediately & the staff would’ve been mortified!

5th detail missing for me was in the morning, I went to make myself a coffee & there was only 1 brown sugar, I don’t use white sugar & would rather not have sweetener! The coffee station of every hotel room should be checked & fully stocked after every guest has left!

Breakfast was amazing, there were loads of options, I did feel like the cooked breakfast option flow was the wrong way round, it flows with the beans & tomatoes 1st, then the egg options & lastly the the bacon & sausage options, I think they should swap round the meat with the beans & toms! The coffee is delicious.

My overall opinion of this hotel is –

Based on the fact that it’s a 4 star hotel & the reputation it has, I was expecting more than I got, however, based on the fact that I got the meal & room with a MASSIVE staff discount, it was perfect.

Would I recommend this hotel to a friend? –


Would I recommend the food? –

Without a doubt!

A friend of mine uses this hotels spa all the time & she loves it, she says the staff are lovely, the food is amazing & the treatments are competitively priced! After some of the treatments, she feels like she’s walking on a cloud ~ her words! – Burleigh Springs Spa & Leisure Club. I definitely have plans to go for a stress busting massage at the 1st opportunity!

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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