As I enter the festive season

As I light our advent candle for the start of December & think about all the excitement that lay ahead for this month, I’m reminded of all that me & Richard have gone through this year, we had so many plans & was so excited for this year, especially for our allotment! None of our plans have gone the way we wanted them to due to Richards ill-health!

The best thing about this year was that I celebrated my 40th birthday with people I love at Coombe Abbey, I’ve been wanting to go for about 10 years & it just never happened – UNTIL THEN & we stayed over! Here’s a post about our time there – A weekend in history for my 40th.

In November I came across my 2016 wish list, which I did at the end of last year (I’d forgotten all about it), there was only 6 things on it but I hadn’t fulfilled a single one!! It made me feel a little sad!

Looking forward to Christmas & the excitement of a year ahead full of plans, hopes & dreams, I’m thinking about all the things I’m grateful for – I’m thankful for……………….. Richards health is just about back on track, he’s only got 1 thing left to sort out & he’s a lot better than he was just 6 weeks ago! We just need to sort out our fitness levels & our unhealthy diets, they’ll be no stopping us on our journey through next year! I’m soooo excited for the year ahead, I feel real quite giddy with the amount of excitement I feel for our future now!

I hope that when you look back over the past year, you can smile by the time you get to today & that you have lots of reasons to look forward to your future.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx