My favourite things to eat…

We all have those delicious meals/foodie bits that we love the taste of but would REALLY rather not cook, well, here’s mine…

The meal that I absolutely love the taste of but would NEVER attempt to cook it is, Katsu Chicken Curry…why, you may ask, would I never attempt to cook it??? Well, have you ever had a favourite dish that you love & then attempted to make it yourself at home but it’s never tasted the same or tuned out REALLY bad??? Well, that’s why, I would never want to ruin a perfect dish!

The foodie bits I love to eat but would never EVER attempt to cook is a BBQ, Richard makes a mean BBQ, he cooks the best barby I’ve ever been too (his dad taught him well & would be extremely proud of his BBQ cooking skills) & only uses a coal BBQ, the flavours so much better. Whenever he does one, he always cooks sausages for hot dogs, burgers (I’m not a fan), belly pork (we’re huge fans of pig) in 3 different flavours (flavoured by ourselves), chicken & chorizo skewers, we’ve started adding sliced white onion & sliced peppers to the skewers to help make the chicken more moist & tender, plus corn on the cob. I will always do fried mushrooms, fried onions & a mixed salad. Sometimes we’ll also do veggie burgers. We always have an array of sauces ranging from good old tommy sauce to a new one I’m trying out right now which is a JD BBQ Sauce (verdicts still out on that one though), I absolutely love tomato sauce & that sweeter american style mustard on my hot dogs but they have to be made a certain way…I have to put the fried mushrooms & fried onions on the bottom, then the sausage & then topped with my sauce choices! Nom nom nom.

If you have any favourites you cook on a BBQ feel free to share.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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