If I could have dinner with any 3 family members, living or dead, here’s who I’d pick & why?

Hey lovelies,

I hope you’ve had an amazing week.

I seen this tag & thought I’d have a go. I wanted to do it because the questions I’d ask are genuine questions & it makes me a little sad that they’ll never be answered.

Here’s who my 3 guests would be –

My grandma (mums mum) –

All through growing up, I’ve been told a story that goes back decades, about my granddads family tree & how he was approached by solicitors to take on his ancestral home of Thorsby Hall in Nottinghamshire, England & he was sent a letter from the solicitors. My question to my grandma would be this, “why, when my mum was a young girl, did you let her draw on the letter, then throw it on the fire & destroy the only piece of proof you had???” My mum has said she was told it was because grandma didn’t want granddad to just drink it all away but there must have been another reason??? It’s been sent down the family generations that the person in line for it before my granddad, refused it saying, “my kids will work for their money like I’ve had to”.

My granddad (mums dad) –

I’ve heard lots of stories about my granddad while growing up, I used to think he was a mean vindictive man but as I’ve got older, I’ve come to realise that he wasn’t that bad, he went to war & ended up with PTSD because of it, except back then, it wasn’t a thing & cases went undiagnosed. The things I’ve heard he’s done whilst he was going through his sickness are appalling. He loved the hair colour ginger & ringlets, so when my younger brother was about 3, mum took us to see him & to show him my brothers’ hair because he had ginger ringlets but he turned us away, saying, he didn’t want anything to do with ‘his’ kids (meaning my dad), my mum was a divorced woman & on her 2nd marriage, I assumed that’s why he never gave my dad a chance. My question to granddad would be, “why didn’t you want anything to do with us & if you’d taken the time to get to know my dad, you’d have loved him, if it wasn’t for my dad, mum would’ve either ended up dead, in prison for murder for killing her 1st husband or in a psychiatric hospital”.

Richards dad –

I’ve heard so many stories about Richards dad, that I feel like I actually met him & know him well. I’d spend time with him just sitting & chatting about Richard & family memories, I feel like I’d end up laughing at a lot of silliness & jokes, I’d also try & get all his recipes including the dodgy ones (hehe).

Well, that’s my 3, I really enjoyed doing this post.

I hope have an ab fab weekend.


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