Blogmas ~ Week 3

I feel that this weeks blogmas is an epic fail & to be honest, if I hadn’t committed to doing blogmas, I wouldn’t be putting a weekly blogmas post up for this week! I should’ve known better & just walked round with a note-book, massive blogging mistake!

This week has been an emotional rollercoaster!

Sunday 11th –

I got home from the hotel just before lunchtime. In the afternoon, me & Richard put our christmas tree & decks up –

Our tree topper. I got this for Richard for his birthday in November, I wanted him to have it before we put the tree up.


We put a few deckie bits here & there down stairs.

Monday 12th to Thursday 15th –

Tuesday night me & Richard finally went through the food order books for Tesco & Morrisons, Richard pointed out that Morrisons last chance food order day is tomorrow!

Wednesday my mum came out of hospital but she had to wait hours for her meds so we didn’t see her tonight. My darling sister took me to Morrisons so I could order my christmas food.

Friday the 16th –

Last day of term, I’ve been looking forward to today! Dad picked me up from work today & took me to get a bit of shopping. After shopping I went round dads to see mum, I wrote some of her christmas cards out for her (bless her), her writing’s not her usual standard & she didn’t want to write them to start with but I just asked her to pick out the cards & then she just started writing them, I did write a few but not a lot, I wrote the envelopes for her. I also wrapped christmas presents up for them.

Saturday the 17th –

Me & Richard went into town, did a little christmas shopping & went to Nero for a cuppa. Richard went bed early with a headache & I went round mums to sit with her while dad went to Morrisons.

We didn’t manage to open all this weeks advents but here’s the ones we did open –

There’s a few reasons why this week has been so bad, not just mum being ill, a couple of family things (not going into) but also, me & Richard have had a lot to think about the last few weeks & it’s not been easy! This week has been a bad blogmasing (yep, that’s a word) week! On a positive note……………….1 week till christmaaaaaaaaaaas!!! I love it.

I hope you’ve had an amazing week.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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