Blogmas ~ Christmas Tag

I’ve seen this going around YouTube so I thought I’d do one for Blogmas.

~ I love everything about christmas ~

The Christmas Tag questions –

  1. When do you start getting excited for christmas? – At the end of September because EVERYTHING that comes after that is just the run up to Christmas – Halloween (ok, maybe that one can be one on it’s own), fireworks night, the fair comes to town, mine & Richards anniversary, & then IT’S CHRIIIIISSMAAAAASS.
  2. Do you have advent calendars?Yes, me & Richard both have 3 – Our advent calendars.
  3. Do you have any funny christmas memories? – No, unless you count the endless hours spent on the Nintendo Wii dance?! Hehe.
  4. What’s your favourite christmas film? – I have a few but I love Annie Claus comes to town & Love Actually.
  5. What do you eat for christmas lunch/dinner? – I usually have melon & parma ham for starter. Turkey, pork & veg for main. Christmas pudding with lactose free cream or lactose free custard for dessert.
  6. Have you ever built a gingerbread house? – No but we’ve got one for this year.
  7. Have you ever had a white christmas? – Yes, I remember a proper white one when I was a child. It did snow a little on boxing day (I think it was 2 years ago) but other than that, I don’t remember it snowing at christmas time for a while.
  8. Where do you usually spend the holidays? – Mainly at home but we sometimes go to Lincoln to spend christmas day with Richards mum.
  9. What is your favourite christmas song? – All I want for christmas by Mariah Carey & Merry Christmas (think it’s called that) by Shakin Stevens.
  10. Do you open any presents on christmas eve? – I never did as a child but I used to when I wasn’t told otherwise, however, I haven’t since I’ve met Richard.
  11. Can you name all of santas reindeer? – Rudolph, Donna, Dancer, Prancer, Blitzen, Cupid……..???…………….how many are there?? Hehe. I don’t know! Is that right?
  12. What holiday traditions do you have & look forward to? – We always have a snack table, we always have sherry while we open our christmas presents, we usually go to watch a carol service but we’re not doing that this year, we always go to my sisters on boxing day – the whole family goes & lots of her friends go too. A new tradition I want us to start next year is to put out decorations & tree up on the 1st of December.
  13. Is your christmas tree real or fake? – Fake but next year it will be real.
  14. What is your favourite holiday food/treat? – Mince pies, christmas cake & christmas lunch.
  15. Which do you like more, giving gifts or receiving gifts? – I do love really, really love to receive gifts but I like to give them that little bit more, I love to make people smile.
  16. What is the best christmas gift you’ve ever received? – I honestly don’t have a favourite, I don’t ever remember receiving a christmas gift that I haven’t either loved myself or known someone who would love it – if I bought someone a gift that they didn’t like, I’d much rather they give it away than have it sit on a shelf or in a drawer or worse be put in the bin!
  17. What would be your dream place to visit over the holiday season? – Anywhere that goes all out for christmas & has snow!
  18. Are you a pro wrapper or an amateur? – Definitely an amateur but would love to be a pro, maybe next year??
  19. What is your most memorable holiday moment? – Wow, my memory is shocking! My christmas memories as a child are presents, family parties round my parents on either christmas day or boxing day, new years eve party round either my parents or my sisters. Lots of time spent with family & having parties. I have a couple of favourite memories since an adult, spending christmas day with a very good friend of mine & her family (love & miss you Dee) & mine & Richards 1st christmas in this house, it was so special.
  20. What makes the holidays so special for you? – Where do I start? Family, friends, love, laughter, relaxation & having all my limbs & senses to embrace everything about the festive season! 

Talk through your typical christmas day………..

I’m always up 1st, I’ll have a coffee & breakfast, then I get out my “posh” dinner & cutlery sets & set up the dinner table for christmas lunch, 2 places if there’s only me & Richard & 4 if my mum & dad are coming. When we’re both up, we have coffee, then we’ll open presents with numerous glasses of sherry (usually no more than 4), then we’ll put the meat on & get everything ready (the veg is done the night before) so we know what & when it needs going on! After present opening, we watch christmas TV or sit & chat. We usually have lunch about 3 (ish), which can be a 3 hour deal, we sit & eat, we’ll chat between courses, I love it, it’s so relaxed. After we’ve finished at the dinner table, we’ll try & get the pots washed (I don’t always want to! Hehe). Christmas day evening is spent watching christmas films, if we get hungry it’s cheese, crackers etc. Bedtime is never consistent!

Have a go at doing this tag, answer as many or as few of the questions as you want to, change some questions up if you have any of your own. Tag me in them so I can have a nosy.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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