*I love to love these things* ~ Part 1

This post is about the products that benefit my skin & my soul for one reason or another & I love to have them in my life.

THE FOLLOWING WAS MY CURRENT OPINION ON THE FOLLOWING PRODUCT BUT SINCE BEGINNING THIS POST, I’VE READ AN ARTICLE STATING THAT USING A PRODUCT WITH TO MUCH PETROLEUM (like Vaseline) FOR A LONG PERIOD CAN ACTUALLY CAUSE DRY LIPS OR MAKE THEM WORSE! Sounds like the vicious circle I keep finding my lips in! Soooooo, I’ve decided to still keep this product recommendation in this post & to try a new lip care product………………just to see!!!

When I was a child, I suffered terribly with chapped and dry lips, my mum would cover them in zinc and castor oil cream, which by the way is chuffin amazing stuff and I still use it to this day for a number of things! Due to this, I ended up developing a deep-rooted fear of dry lips and cold sores, the cold sore thing I am pretty much over now but the dry lip thing still drives me batty! Throughout my teenage years and well into my 20s, I tried a variety of chap sticks, lip balms and lipsyls but it took years for me to settle into one that I actually truly got on with 100% and that product is, this beauty……………………


……………………..Nivea Lipcare.

Honestly, I can not stress enough how AMAZING this product is!

However, going back to the above statement, I’m going to be trying a new product starting from the beginning of March, I’ll be using it throughout the whole of March & then I shall do a review on the product in the beginning of April!

I’m actually quite lucky, I don’t suffer from breakouts apart from the odd hormonal spot on my chiny, chin, chin (touches wood) but when my hormones decide to play havoc with my skin, I zap it with this product from Simple skin care, this Simple Spotless Skin is fab stuff, it works amazingly for me, honestly, I can put it on at night (after my evening skin care regime) and in the morning, it’s gone! For me, it’s THAT good.

Simple Spotless Skin Rapid Action


Quite a few years ago, I had an allergic reaction to some foundation and my face blew up massively and the skin on my face felt so dry and raw, I tried lots of products to calm it down and to get my face back but nothing seemed to work and then Aqueous Cream was recommended to me and it was amazing stuff, I used it in the shower as a face wash and I used Aveeno Lotion to provide face cream, it was the only cream I could use that didn’t make my face itch or burn!

Aqueous Cream
Aqueous Cream


Those of you who read my post about my OPI products will know why I love these products so much. Just incase you missed it, here you go Nailed It!

I’m using hand sanitizer a lot at work and even on my way home from work, the one I’m using at the minute is Wilko orange hand sanitizer while at work and soap and glory hand sanitizer when I finish work. I also use hand cream (A LOT) and the one I’m using at the minute is soap and glory hand food, I love the scent, they do a citrus scented one and it smells amazing!

I recently completed my 1st Whole30 and I have a ma-hu-sively huge sweet tooth, which made it quite hard sometimes, I discovered (through a recommendation) the Tetley redbush vanilla tea, it’s amazing, sweet and works wonders for a sweet tooth! I also love clipper sleep easy tea bags, they’re great, very relaxing, which helps me go sleep easier, even if they do stink (& oh boy, they stink).

That concludes my 1st part of my favourites post, if you use any of these items, I’d love to hear how you get on with them & if you have any items you absolutely love in your life, I’d love to hear about them, maybe I could try one or two of your faves too.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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