The glue that holds me together

I love how most the females in my family are ditsy a lot of the time & hilarious with too! My family and friends are amazing, I know that's a standard for most people but I know how nice it is to have it told to you once in a while, just how amazing you … Continue reading The glue that holds me together

Comfy Cozy

Quite a lot of things in my life make me smile like putting on hand cream after being in water for ages at work and lip balm on when I've just woken up (yes, I'm that addicted! He he). That 1st mouthful when I'm hungry and the 1st drink of the day. These comfy PJs................. … Continue reading Comfy Cozy

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I truly love Christmas and everything about it! It's such a magical time of year. The only thing I wish I could get that is out of my control is a white snowy Christmas! Mmmmmm..........lovely jubbly snow! Christmas is a hectic time for most. Above all, it's full of wonder and amazement. I love to soak up the entire festive season and … Continue reading It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year