My Ramble For Starting This Blog

Late last year, I got into watching people vlogging and doing videos on YouTube, having stumbled across a make up tutorial video and then in December, I started watching peoples vlogmas, which, I loved, to see people getting as excited about Christmas as I do really makes my heart flutter, my belly butterflies dance & my toes tingle.

To begin with, it felt a bit weird watching people live their lives but after a while, I got to enjoy it and found myself subscribing to lots of people just to watch their vlogmas (oh, how I do love everything to do with Christmas), so many in fact, that in the end, I had to unsubscribe to quite a few as there’s only so many spare minutes for me to be glued to YouTube watching vlogmas everyday! He he. I then started reading their blogs. I currently have 6 favourite YouTubers and I get something different from each of them. Admittedly, I don’t watch every video they put up, I know the sorts of things I’m interested in and I’ll watch those…………….unless, it’s a daily/weekly vlog or vlogmas (roll on December!), then I watch every one!

I started this blog, which I suppose, you could say was in part, down to the people I watch on YouTube because I thought about how much I enjoyed reading peoples blogs and watching their vlogs/videos but my brother also has a site called Mangla Media – go and check it out, perfect for the techy person in your life and so I thought I’d give blogging a shot. I have a lot of ideas for my blog but I am however, a little worried people won’t even read them or find them really boring, I can be a bit of a rambler when I get going, I have a nasty habit of taking the long way round to get to the point! But then saying that, I suppose really, if only a handful of people read them and enjoy them, then I’ve accomplished what I set out to do! Also, it’ll be nice for me to come back to the beginning in a few years from now, have a laugh and see, not only how my products have changed with my changes in taste and age but also the things that I love and that make me smile/laugh. With whatever bargains I can find along the way.

A couple of useless facts I thought I’d share about myself is that I’m a tad addicted to pinterest, I absolutely love the pins you can find for wedding and party planning, my ideal career would be in event planning but not only that, I am also a tad addicted to……………………….


Now this, I couldn’t stop laughing at this one!






I told you I was a rambler! Ha ha.


All the pics in this post are just a few of my pinterest funnies that I’ve collected from other peoples boards.

Bye for now.

Love Sarah Mx

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