My Autumn bucket list round-up

Morning lovelies,

I hope you’re having an amazing Autumn season & I hope you had a safe & spookylicious Halloween. Also, happy Thanksgiving, yes I know I’m not American or Canadian & not all my readers are but I’m pretty sure that everyone has something to be thankful for.

I had lots of fun putting together my Autumn bucket list – Autumn Bucket List.

I had a lot of things that I wanted to do over the Autumn season & here’s how I got on.

  • Celebrate Richards birthday

The thing about this time of year is that, we have our anniversary (our meeting not wedding), Richards birthday & then christmas (in that order), so when I start buying things for our anniversary, I was also thinking about his birthday & christmas, so I kept having to get the stuff out to see what I’d already got. Hehe. I went a bit over board with the advent calendars this year, I hope Richard likes them! Hehe.

  • Watch some fireworks

We went to my brothers to watch some fireworks, we usually do fireworks but this year we couldn’t because Richard was supposed to be having an op on one of his eyes, which actually, ended up being cancelled but by then, it was too late, however, going to my brothers has made Richard want to do it next year.

  • Go to Loughborough fair

Richard met me out of work on Friday 10th November & we walked into town to go to the fair, as usual, we had a bratty hotdog (hotdog made with a German bratwurst sausage), it was bloody amazing (as usual), I had minted mushy peas, we had roasted chestnuts but we didn’t eat as many as we usually do. We took home lots of fair treats & took some home for my mum & dad too.

  • Book my works christmas party

This task, although completed (eventually) has drained the work party oomph out of me this year & made me feel like I don’t ever want to do it again but I will. Not everyone’s going who said they were, there’s only 6 of us, now, don’t get me wrong, I’m personally not bothered by the number going, I just wish that people would pick a venue that they actually want to go to, not one based on the fact that they MIGHT get staff discount because it’s on campus, which, turns out, we can & they still don’t want to go. I went wrong this year by giving people to many venue choices, I won’t do that again. Just because there’s only 6 of us going, I know we’ll still have a fab night because after all, I get on with everyone going (most the time, hehe), there’s going to be amazing food & I foresee lots of dancing, so what’s not to enjoy???

I’m proof reading this post right now & got to this bucket list item & just thought of an amazing idea for next years christmas party, it’s out of the norm, cheap (I think) & easy (for most) but there’s lots of elements to pull together. Oh my word, if I can pull it off, it’ll be amazing!! Already got ideas rushing around my head for it.

  • Watch Practical Magic

Me & Richard watched Practical Magic a few days before Halloween, it’s my all time favourite Halloween film, I’ve no idea why because it’s not remotely scary (listen to me, I actually sound like I enjoy scary films, I DON’T, I hate them), I love it so much.

  • Eat Autumn inspired food

  • Make my favourite soups – roasted parsnip & pumpkin & farmhouse veg soup (out of my latest fave cookbook – Eat Smart by 1 of my fave youtubers Niomi Smart

The above 2 bucket list items go together because I ate Autumn inspired food when I made one of my favourite soups, I made the farmhouse veg soup from the cook book mentioned above – Eat Smart by Niomi Smart


  • Buy Halloween sweets for the trick or treaters, along with something for a few tricks

I got lots of sweeties for the trick or treaters, more than we needed as it turned but none of it went to waste, I did a couple of bags up for 2 of my nieces who didn’t get to our end of town trick or treating & a couple for a staff members kiddies at work, also, my mum has a treat bowl that she has for the grandchildren.

  • Maybe dress up & go trick or treating with the family

Well, I got dressed up but it was for work, I didn’t go trick or treating but surely this sort of counts??? Hehe.

  • Make a list of christmas pressies & go christmas pressie shopping

We’ve made a list of pressies & we’re definitely on right track with the shopping, we have to be finished before the 15th of December because we’re going away on the 16th until the 20th or the 21st & then, it’s all systems go for christmas!

  • Walk through the Autumn leaves

While walking to work one morning, I came across lots of crunchy leaves on the pavement, so I went straight through them, lots of crunchy, crispy leaves, on a morning when the sun was low & bright, it was glorious.

  • Set up for doing Blogmas (I don’t even mind if it’s as simple as last years)

I’m in the process of pre-writing some post for blogmas. I’m going to be doing a sort of daily diary keeping & daily advent calendar opening with Richard (like last year), then I’ll put them together to do a full weeks worth of stuff in one post each week of advents & goings on.

Oh boy, I’m so excited for Vlogmas!! I’ve got 3 youtubers I’ve decided I’m definitely going to watch over vlogmas.

  • Sort out saving stamps & christmas vouchers for christmas food & drink shopping at Morrisons & Tesco

I’ve got all of our supermarket savings stamps together & now we just need to go & book our christmas day food from Morrisons & get our party food from Tesco, I’m going to be doing a post about saving money over christmas featuring these things, which may just help you out next year, so keep your eye for that over blogmas.

  • Sort out christmas menu

We’ve sorted what we’re having for christmas lunch, I’m going to be doing a post about our christmas menu over blogmas, so keep your eyes peeled, I was talking to a customer about it a couple of weeks ago at work & he sounded impressed & just as excited for his christmas food as I am for mine, I’ll be honest, I really can’t wait & my mothers looking forward to her starter.

  • Plan & book in a family christmas party

I originally planned our family christmas party for this weekend but I forgot about the bloody party & agreed to work, so now I’ve had to put it back until the 23rd & now I’ve got no free weekends before christmas left, thank goodness for early finishes in December! Hehe.

And yes, I did print out my bucket list & put it on my fridge, I think that helped me loads this season & something I’m going to be doing with every bucket list I do.

I hope you’re having an amazing week.

Bye for now.


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