Why you should start a blog

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I got the inspiration to start this blog from reading blogposts that youtubers I watched had done.

I wanted to start this blog purely to share things with people who are interested & make an electronic diary of sorts, I wanted to note my memories mainly from the latter part of the year.

With blogging you get back what you put in, if you want a massive audience, you have to put in the hard work, I started this blog wanting a massive audience but I wasn’t prepared for all the work it would take & it’s not easy to put in the blogging work with a fulltime job on top. it’s not always as simple as just typing away, depending on the post, it takes research, photo taking & editing on top of just typing away, also, depending on the post, there’s links to find & include in the post.

I’ve had posts where I’ve done heaps of photo taking & editing, research & a few late nights, all to have to start again when I thought it was finished!

Do you ever have days when you feel like you just want to write something (well, type) or you want to keep a diary for a certain time of year but don’t want to have a diary with just a few weeks a year filled in?? Yeah, I did too & that’s why I started this blog. I’ve had a lot of time off blogging this year & after a few months of not blogging, I realised how much I missed it. I’ve got the smallest blogging audience ever & it used to really de-motivate me but now, most of the time, I don’t care, the only time it bothers me now is when I put loads of effort into a post & don’t get a lot of views, I refuse to be a person who pays money to boost her posts & blog to get more views, that’s not who I am & not who I want to be!

Why start a blog

A few of the things that I love about writing blog posts,

It provides you with a creative outlet – you can literally note down any creative ideas you may have, there’s no limits with writing blog posts, I’ve learnt to write stuff that I love & not just what I feel people would expect from a blog post.

It helps to freeing up head space & this truly helps

It helps with getting out something that you want to say but don’t know how to “say it”

I love LISTS – after I read my latest Autumn bucket list (Autumn Bucket List), I noticed that along with perfect bucket list ideas, it also had ideas that you would expect to find in any normal kind of to do list, I mean, who puts ‘write christmas cards’ on a bucket list? Me, apparently. Hehe.

It provides a space for an electronic diary for the times when you want to keep a diary but don’t want to have to commit to a full years paper diary!

Here’s a few posts/ideas that may help you get started,

  • Blogging ideas I love
  • 20 Spring blogpost ideas
  • It can be something as easy as a seasonal bucket list
  • A tag you’ve seen that you like the sound of
  • It could even be a review of an item/product you love
  • A fab starter is a post introducing yourself & telling people a few things about yourself – background, job, hobbies, likes & dislikes, things you love to do & what to expect from your blog (I didn’t do this but wished I had [although, I do have a get to know me page – Get to know me], this was my 1st post – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year). REMEMBER, DON’T GIVE AWAY ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!

It doesn’t have to be hard to get going but I strongly recommend that you do a months worth of posts up front, that way, you have as much time as you need to do your 1st 4 weeks worth of posts & then 4 weeks to plan your next ones, I used to have 3 weeks worth of blog posts scheduled & ready to go, now I have 5 starters in my drafts, I want to get back to having a list of posts scheduled & ready for publishing.

I hope you find this helpful & if you have any ideas that may help someone who’s thinking about starting a blog, feel free to let us know.

I hope you have an amazing week.

Bye for now.


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