My October favourites

Happy Hump Day lovelies,

Can you believe it’s been Halloween already & it’s the 1st of November? I can’t & it’ll soon be Christmas. This year’s going by so fast, not a good year for blogging but I’ve discovered a few new things along the way & although the majority of October faves are foodies, not everything I’ve discovered this year so far was.

My October faves

Films –

I have 1 film favourite this month, well, 2 actually & that’s the Kingsman films.

These films are amazing, Colin Firth is an absolute dream in them, after loving Pride & Prejudice, like, forever, it was strange seeing him play an action role but he’s fab & sexy in the role he plays.

Kingsman The Secret Service
Love Colin Firth in this piccie
Kingsman The Golden Circle
The second Kingsman

Drink –

We’ve started stocking a drink called Sparkling Ice flavoured water & we stock 3 flavours at work Orange Mango, Peach Nectarine (below) & Black Raspberry (personal fave) they all taste amazing. I’ve also seen them in Tesco but not anywhere else yet.

Peach Nectarine flavour

Edible –

A little while ago I was given the task of sourcing new products for our retail outlets on campus & the next 3 products are among the ones I found, the problem with sourcing new products is you have to try them & that’s how I discovered these products, I 1st seen them on H&Bs website & contacted to people who make them.

Zoot Food Bars –

Zoot Zero bars are zero sugar chocolate bars & come in 4 varieties, dark choc orange (below), dark mint chocolate, smooth dark chocolate, smooth milky chocolate. I can’t eat the milky one but the dark varieties are delish, orange is my fave. The rep from Zoot Foods is really nice, he & the person who founded the Zoot Bars are local fellas to me & they produced these products because they were sick of family members with numerous allergies not able to get hold of snack items.

If you ever try any of them, I recommend that you suck the chocolate & savour it, not just in, munch & swallow.

Orange Dark chocolate

The Zoot Boost bars are also really tasty & again, the choc orange one is my fave.

Choc Orange flavour

I found the Ten Acre crisps in one of our supplier sales brochures at work. They come in some weird & wonderful flavours, I can’t remember all of them but a quick google search will show you the full range. My favourite is Hickory BBQ (below).

Hickory BBQ flavour

Richard bought a multi bag of walkers crisps a little while ago, it had 2 bags of Salt & Vinegar & 4 bags of Lime & Black Pepper, when I seen them, I told him that he could keep the lime & pepper ones to himself (I’m very loyal to what I like). It took him ages to persuade me to try one of the lime & pepper (only because they were up against our beloved salt & vinegar) & I was 100% sure I wasn’t going to like them at all. Now them, when I 1st tasted them (oh wow), the taste is like no other I’ve ever tasted, these crisps are sweet, spicy & fruity, yep fruity. It’s like a party for your taste buds, pure happiness & it’s the same experience every time I put the 1st crisp out of the bag in my mouth. Poor salt & vinegar, they only get eaten now when the lime & black pepper are all gone.

Lime & Black Pepper flavour

While shopping in Tesco a few weeks ago, I seen these Ltd edition crisps (along with another flavour that we tried). I was far to intrigued to just walk by & not pick one up & I’m so glad I did, they are amazing, unusual but amazing none the less, there’s no way I can describe the flavour to you except they really do taste like candy cane, not strong candy cane obviously, after all, they’re still a crisp & not a sweet. If you like candy cane & aren’t worried about not liking something, these a must try in my opinion. Another bonus is, no one else likes them, only me. Hehe.

Candy cane flavour hand cooked crisps

If you have any latest favourites, let us know in the comments, you may be spreading some much wanted love.

I hope you’re having an amazing week & have a safe weekend if you’re celebrating Guy Fawkes night.

Bye for now.


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