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Hey lovelies,

My name’s Sarah & I’m a Christian woman who lives in England & I love to laugh.

I adore my family & friends, they are all nuts & I wouldn’t have them any other way. I grew up within a very close-knit family, always having parties & gatherings, we certainly didn’t need it to be Christmas or someones birthday to do it & people on occasion ask me why I love to organise parties & gatherings so much…………..I grew up with it around me & it’s part of who I am, plus I love seeing all the smiles on everyone’s faces as they enjoy the day with their loved ones around them.

I’m engaged to a the love of my life, a wonderful man, who makes me laugh every single day called Richard, he’s basically the male version of me (which can be a blessing & a curse), I love him dearly. In the time we’ve been together, he’s taught me patience, to be less selfish, he’s shown me how to be gracious with myself & others, & how to love someone completely & without conditions. I’m so incredibly thankful that our Heavenly Father allowed us to meet & fall in love.

  • I love my Heavenly Father
  • I love being surrounded by laughter, fun & silliness.
  • I love love & togetherness.

Here’s a place for me to tell you, not only about the things that make me smile and laugh but also about the things that matter to me. Plus, to tell you about the things I love to have in my life and why you should make them part of yours.

My regular post schedule

  • Wednesday at 8.30am

Extra posts

  • Occasional Friday favourites at 8.30am
  • Occasional mind dump Monday at 8.30am

(all timings will be UK times).

Hope you have a glorious day.

Bye for now.


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~ May God bless you & those you love ~                                      ~ Live Life With A Smile ~

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  1. Hey guys, I’ve recently registered a domain name for my blog, i’m hoping you have no problems in getting any post updates!!


      1. After reading the blog post about the fangirling award, from the original award maker, I don’t feel I’m in a position to accept this nomination. Purely because I feel I don’t read enough by far & I’ve definitely not read enough different bloggers posts who read alot to make any nominees. Thank you so much again for the nomination but I’m really not in a position to accept this right now, maybe in a few months when I’ve worked my way around more bloggers posts. Thanks again.


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